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Important! New market price from REPRAPPER TECH Co., LIMITED

Posted by 3D filamentor 
Important! New market price from REPRAPPER TECH Co., LIMITED
June 10, 2013 12:34PM
Dear all,

It is a long time since our last post on this forum and I am writing this post with mixed feelings. In the past years our website http://www.repraper.com or http://www.reprap-walmart.com do provide valued products to lots of people with economic way. The average price of the market also low down since then and I think we did part of contribution on it.

In the past months we have spent lots of time to solve capacity issue due to increasing order. Now this problem has been solved and we can ship order with a timely way. Here I need to apologize for these people who waiting for our products longer than before and I also appreciate for all of you who supporting our business.

But these are not what I want to talk in this post. What I want to say is that we will have to change our on line price since July 1st. We will increase the on line price. I know it may dismiss somebody and it is also a difficult decision for us.

Why we will increase our on line price? There are two mainly reasons.
1) Our merchant challenged us lots of times that why we sell products much cheaper than theirs. To us of course we want to offer a valued solution to our consumer, but on our merchants’ standpoint I also understand their situation. In fact we need these merchant to sell products, or you will contribute lots of money on delivery cost. It is not suitable for us to sell products much cheaper than theirs.
2) Our operation cost is more and more expensive. Here I will list something that will impact on our cost.
a) We have changed our company name from REPRAPER TECH Co., LIMITED to REPRAPPER TECH Co., LIMITED and we need to pay related cost. Here I also need to say thank you for these people who give us kindly suggestion on the company name.
b) We have hired more people of different function and make our cost expensive than before. For example more R&D people to develop new products, separate QC & QA department etc. But I think human investment is a worthy work we need to do.
c) We have invest more on equipment upgrade and new products, quality.
d) RMB vs USD, originally RMB vs USD is 6.3 and now is just about 6.15.

As I said, it is hard for us to make the decision but I also hope you can understand every company have their strategy and they need to focus on long term development. In fact our long term develop will finally contribute to you, the end user. No matter to say we can provide cheaper products to you or we can push other filament supplier improving their quality. Anyway, it should be good for you.

After we negotiate with merchant, we have agreement that we will announce to public that we will increase our on line price to close their local price. I know it is a bad news to end user. But we also set a timeline, if people who register on our website before July 1st, He or she can still buy our products nearly the same as before. After July 1st, the registered date after July 1st will buy our products with new price. Which means if you want to keep cheap products you need to register an account through our website before July 1st or you will spend more to buy our products. Here I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can understand our decision.

But it doesn’t mean people will not get benefit from us. Here I promise to all of you, we will return you by other ways. For example,
1) We can develop more new products to you. For example we have new supporting material that can combine with ABS very well and can be solved with solvent. We have new functional filament named POM which is very strong and can be used directly when you finished the printing job. It is not a concept of module, it is an application.
2) We will promote our products periodically. We can also add some free samples for your order etc.
3) We will invest more to improve our quality and delivery time. Originally we normally use FedEx IE and now we can use FedEx IP etc.

In a word, we want to find a balance between all related parts. If you want to buy our products with cheaper price please register an account before July 1st. Our website is [www.repraper.com] or [www.reprap-walmart.com]. If you want our new supporting material or POM material please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have new idea of material, please do not hesitate to contact me through ceo@reprap-walmart.com and it will be our top priority review case. Providing valued products to our customer will not changed forever. If you have any idea please let me know. Hope we can still get your support.
I have been registered to your sure and have ordered over $2,000 worth of products. How do I order more at the same price as you say I can?

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