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Looking for Reprap parts near california

Posted by Jay 
Looking for Reprap parts near california
February 25, 2009 08:15PM
Hello to the great community,

I am looking to build one up, and am wondering if anyone around san diego, CA, might be having a set of parts (or can make one) that I could buy. Please let me know. I am ok with shipping.


Have you found what you were looking for. I am also in San Diego, CA and considering building a reprap, or may be this: [makerbot.com]

Are you planning to make and sell parts for another reprap when you have yours ?

I live in Los Angeles and am just starting out looking in to this. I would love to learn what ever I can I'm hoping to talk a couple friends of mine in to making a couple of these. Let me how it goes on your search for parts.


I'm another person in Los Angeles interesting in building a reprap shipping isn't an issue for me either.


I'm another person in CA looking to build a reprap machine. I'm in Bakersfield.
My Email's Trait13@hotmail.com

Same here... Looking to build one in Oceanside, CA...
but need help with the custom parts.

Anyone out there making parts and don't mind making a set for me?


Add me to the list. I'm up near Berkeley. Will cover costs and shipping.
I am in LA (SGV) and I like to start a RepRap build to explorer open source manufacturing. Anyone interested in building a RepRap together? The parts seems scattered everywhere with major pieces of the puzzle missing.

Anyway, if anyone is building one and doesn't mind me tagging along or want to build one with me, please let me know.


Re: Looking for Reprap parts near california
November 04, 2009 04:28PM
I like the community project idea. I'm in Ridgecrest myself. I have the equipment to put together a McWire repstrap chassis, at least one stepper motor (salvaged from an old scanner) and a bunch of resistors, etc. If people can help get the rest of the parts together, I can print out the necessary RPd parts.
Looking for parts in Los Angeles as well. Please let me know the price to put together a RepRap.


I started my reprap build. I have the motherboard assembled and is trying to upload the motherboard firmware. I got most of my electrical components from Makerbot (PCB & Stepper), Mouser (most of parts), Digikey (rest of the parts). The only part missing is the opto-endstop pcb which Makerbot is out of stock on. Depending on my progress I am contemplating DIYing the missing pcb.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, you can see the build progress at [tcp-imp.com]. I have accumulated some supplies, ie hot plate, IR thermometer, soldering pastes, spare reprap parts while building the reprap and if anyone is interested in setting up a hackerspace in the SGV valley I don't mind sharing what I have with other reprap builders.


I am in San Diego and about to put together a makerbot cupcake. Does anyone know if i can print the parts for a RepStrap on a cupcake? If the answer is yes I'll print your parts if you'll do mine later, or I'd also be interested in building a rep strap community project

I have done R&D work all over California and am reading with same interest in building one/buying one. Currently working in Utah and I have a huge interest in the RPEC technology being developed.

I design in SolidWorks and Altium Designer. Urizan@live.com
Re: Looking for Reprap parts near california
December 05, 2011 10:52PM
Hello everyone,

I am trying to start up a Makerspace here in San Diego and we have a couple Repraps and Makerbots among our members. Please join us if you're in the area. Meetings every Saturday.

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