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LXMaker Dark Night Series——You Deserve

Posted by LXMaker 
LXMaker Dark Night Series——You Deserve
October 14, 2013 03:09AM
  The LXMaker dark night series were added on stores in September 25, 2013, and soon became top sellers in many online shops, such as eBay, AliExpress & Amazon. So as a just published machine, what is LXMaker 3D Printer Dark Night Series? what is the difference from its predecessors? And what are its main characteristics? In this article, we will make a detailed introduction for you.
  The dark night series utilizes melt laminated manufacturing, also known as the FDM technology. It is a kind of rapid prototyping technology with high performance. Printing time of the dark night series are greatly reduced. Dimensions of the product reach 326mm×357mm×388mm and weight is 14kg.From the appearance and weight, this machine looks very atmospheric. And it uses PLA and ABS plasticity plastic as consumables.Special emphasis is placed on the PLA material, which is a healthy and environmental protection material. It will not produce any anti-health(harmful) effects on human body, which reflects the LXMaker 3D printer’s green environmental protection value as their logo represents. The great printer is made up of the same high quality acrylic and high quality hard basswood.This structure can avoid cracking products because of long-distance transportation and long term use. Thereby consumers can own more durable products.
  In addition, accessories and software supporting of this product are very considerate.It ensures that all users can operate this machine quickly & easily.
  The three points in these specifications enable LXMaker become a quasi industrial grade 3D printer with high cost performance.It is also an important factor that ensure the machine locating in a leading position in the same kind of products.
  First is the ultra high speed: LXMaker using cross shaft structure innovation.What’s more.It has feeding and extruding device at both ends of the separation structure.The printing head is designed to abandon makerbot bulky and extrusion head provides the guarantee for high speed printing.Speed of the nozzle can reach 500 mm / sec. Imagine,if you are running, is it easy to run fast or back schoolbag run fast?
  Second is the large print volume: Maximum print volume is up to 210x210x220mm and this point makes the machine locating in the upper level in the same kind of productions. (you can contact us to custom volume).
  And finally is the high resolution:Workpiece can only move along the Z axis with high precision when printing.It couldn’t only ensure printing precision, but also ensure the quality of the workpiece. It prevented deforming in the process of moving. Moreover,the actual testing precision is up to 0.02 mm.
  These three aspects make the dark night series obtain very high sales volume when it was published.And it is also the main factor that make the machine success. If consumers are interested in this machine,you can contact with us.LXMaker welcome your arrival.
Re: LXMaker Dark Night Series——You Deserve
October 21, 2013 02:38PM
This is not strictly a reprap machine sad smiley
Re: LXMaker Dark Night Series——You Deserve
October 21, 2013 04:21PM
Technically speaking, it's an Ultimaker ripoff. And the Ultimaker is a RepStrap, so I think he/she's allowed to sell it here.
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