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RepRapPro type Bowden Hot Ends - full kits and bulk sales

Posted by tech3d 
RepRapPro type Bowden Hot Ends - full kits and bulk sales
October 16, 2013 02:01PM
RepRapPro Bowden Hot End kits from Tech3d.org

Emakershop listing
Ebay listing
Store: Tech3D.org

1 kit = £25.00
10 + kits = £18.00 each

Kit Contents:
Stainless Steel 0.5mm One-Piece-Nozzle (for 1.75mm filament)
Aluminium Heater Block
Aluminium Heat Sink Block
Brass Tapered Nut
Brass Couplings (end and start)
Cartridge Heater
Heat Sink Fan with pre-drilled holes
100K Axial Thermistor
Coil Spring Washer x 2
PTFE Bowden Cable
Polyolefin heat shrink tubing
PTFE heat shrink tubing
​PTFE tubing for nozzle
M3 x 16mm, M3 x 20mm screws
Crimp terminals / Male header pins

Item Condition: New
Location: UK, will ship globally
Dispatch time: 1 day
Shipping Cost: UK £5.00, Global: £10.00

For your information this kit differs slightly from the standard RepRapPro design:
1) The Heat Sink Fan is a single unit.
2) The Heat Sink Block has two untapped screw holes (no threads). This change enables better contact between the Heat Sink Fan and Heat Sink Block. If you are attaching a standard RRP Heat Sink / Fan please request threaded holes.
3) Screw lengths are different. Use the M3 x 16mm to attach the Heat Sink Fan. Use the M3 x 20mm to secure the Hot End to the x-carriage.

X-carriage options:
Vertical x-bars: Instructions. Files: 1, 2, 3
Horizontal x-bars: Instructions. Files: 1 (x-carriage-lid, x-carriage-plate and belt clamp)

NB: Horizontal X-carriage plate may need to be trimmed a few mm to fit the fan in the side positions.
The front mounting position needs no modification.

Please send a message for info or bulk orders.
Custom CNC Parts Ltd - Tech3d.org

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