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3D Printer Mature Gradually

Posted by LXMaker 
3D Printer Mature Gradually
October 28, 2013 01:10AM
  3D printer is a kind of magical printer that designed by Enrico Dini.The biggest differences between the new type of printers and ordinary printers were the morphology and type of printing objects. The former can create the different forms of objects that users thought, while the ordinary printers can only use paper to print text and picture.In addition there is no other purposes. Also, because of this, application areas of the 3D printer were much more than ordinary printers, including medical industry, scientific research, design and manufacturing and so on.
  The operating principle of 3D printers is that user first create printing models. Then we should place the models and filaments into the 3D printers. Finally,users should config 3D printer.According to the analysis,program of printer will print objects in a hierarchical form.
  In a few years ago, talking about 3D printers may be a new thing for most people (including myself). Indeed, a new thing was initially beginning, it get the support of consumers after a long period of time popularizing and trying. With the 3D printer gradually maturing, the focus center of consumers has gradually shifted from the technique to the price and function. The price of 3D printers has already fallen from thousands down to several hundred dollars.The price of 3D printers from China was from $700 to$900, which is the main reason for Chinese 3D printers to get foreign consumers.
  Perhaps, many consumers have doubts.For the 3D printer from $700 to$900, whether its quality and function can be guaranteed?From the practical application of myself, it is completely don't worry. For example, LXMaker 3D printer is a brand that own high-performance with low price. As a Chinese brand, why would it get ahead? The author thinks that it is mainly determined by the unique features, including the super high printing speed, super large printing volume and super high resolution. Then the author will describe the three aspects in detail.
  First is the super high printing speed:Take advantages of the cross shaft structure innovation and the unique design to separate feeding device  with extruder at both sides, instead of Makerbot's heavy printing head (loaded with 3 electric motors, illustrated as below). LXMaker's light & handy extruder guarantees high speed printing. Imagine, if you are running, unloaded or  carrying bags, which is faster? The maximum nozzle moving speed of LXMaker can reach 500 mm / sec .
The novel cross shaft structure introduced above has win the big prize of "The Best Open Source Hardware"and"The Most Precised and Fastest 3D Printer",nominated by the world-wide well-known Make Magzine.
  Second is the super large printing volume:The maximum printing volume is up to 210x210x220mm, outstanding of 3D printers at the same price. (Contact us if you want to customize the printing volume to meet your needs, as large as 315×315×400mm).
  Finally is the super high resolution:LXMaker has a very precise Z axis movement, which ensures the precision in practical. The theoratical precison of Z axis is 0.01mm, while the actual test precision is only 0.02 mm, which guarantees the super high quality of the workpiece, and can effectively prevent deformation in the printing process. Ths precision of X & Y axis can also be as high as 0.125mm.
In summary, 3D printers want to get high sales volume in the future.The most important thing is to improve product price and cut the cost.Only in this way can earned more recognition from all over the world.
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