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[WORLDWIDE] Prusa i3 - Single Plate Aluminium Version

Posted by blomker 
[WORLDWIDE] Prusa i3 - Single Plate Aluminium Version
December 02, 2013 11:06PM
Prusa i3 from www.blomker.com at $659USD

ebay Store : http://stores.ebay.com/Blomker-Industries

Josef Prusa re-designed the Prusa Mendel from scratch and pumped in a lot of great DFA (Design for Assembly) innovation. The result is an assembly friendly Prusa i3 which can be assembled in less than 7hrs for beginners. This is the Single Plate Aluminium Frame version with 10mm Smooth Rods (Y Axis) and 10mm Threaded Rods for maximum frame rigidity.

The Single Plate frame is the core of Prusa i3 design. The frame is made of 6mm thick Aluminium 5083 plate. 5083 Aluminium is typically used in marine industry because it is known for its exceptional performance in extreme environments. The aluminium plate is cut to precision using high power laser cutting machines in aluminium fabrication plant. Every screw holes is CNC milled to +/- 0.01mm precision. All M10 & M5 threaded rods are CNC cut to precision length and chamfered at its end. They are galvanised after machining to get the nice surface finishing.

Highest quality components are used for the construction of this kit. Some of the highlights are :
- 1.75mm Direct Drive Extruder System with MK7 Drive Gear
- SCV10UU Precision Linear Bearings
- Flexible shaft coupler for Z Axis

Content of this kit :
1 set of Single Plate Aluminium Frame & Bed
1 set of Printed Parts
1 set of RAMPS 1.4 Electronics Controller
1 set of All Metal HotEnd for 1.75mm Filament
1 set of GT2 Aluminium Pulley and Belt
1 set of Bolts and Nuts
1 set of 10mm Threaded Rods for Printer's Frame
1 pc of Power Supply
1 pc of MK2A Heat Bed
5 pcs of NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
2pcs of 10mm Smooth Rods (Y Axis)
2pcs of 8mm Smooth Rods (X Axis)
2pcs of 8mm Smooth Rods (Z Axis)
4pcs of SCV8UU Linear Bearing for Y Axis Bed
7pcs of LM8UU Linear Bearing for X & Z Axis
1pc of 608ZZ Bearing for Y Axis Idler
1pc of 624ZZ Bearing for X Axis Idler
1pc of MK7 Drive Gear
2pcs of 5x5mm Shaft Coupler

Prusa i3 from www.blomker.com
Re: [WORLDWIDE] Prusa i3 - Single Plate Aluminium Version
August 17, 2014 11:43AM
I am trying to gather all the parts needed for a Pursa i3 single frame but i am really struggling to find the part files for the printed parts and a drawing that i can use to lazer cut the frame.
Any help would be appreciated.
Re: [WORLDWIDE] Prusa i3 - Single Plate Aluminium Version
November 20, 2014 10:27PM
Price revised to $599USD ONLY!!! Get it now from http://www.blomker.com

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