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Color-changing, Thermochromic, Chameleon 1.75mm 3D printer filament open for beta sales!

Posted by Simba 
Color-changing, Thermochromic, Chameleon 1.75mm 3D printer filament open for beta sales!
December 18, 2013 12:15AM
Great news everyone,

We have a very, very high quality small batch of PLA-base specialty filament designed by M3D in the USA. It is the only color-changing "Chameleon" filament available in PLA, or in exciting and dramatic colors. Each color changes from the specified color to white at the stated temperature.

The story goes that we set out to the Maker Faire NYC, and we thought presenting professional 3D filament would be a big hit, and Chameleon would be a fun gimmick for show-and-tell. But it was the other way around. We were floored by the reaction to Chameleon, so muchso that we ran out of flyers within 3 hours (we printed only 250). Kids came hand in hand by referral, or even in large school groups to show their friends the color changing orbs and rings we had printed. Chameleon can also be a valuable indirect temperature measuring system, valuable for monitoring print temperatures visually, but most importantly, its simply COOL!

This PLA contains a safe and non-toxic thermochromic color additive that is highly-sensitive to temperature. All colors disappear fully and turn white above the stated temperature.

The effect is so powerful it can be used to gate light by a factor of about 100% (white) to 10% (colored). The lower-temp colors have a slight hysteresis. For example, 45C Orange will turn white above 45C, and below 45C changes back to orange quickly. On the other hand, 15C blue turns white extremely rapidly and needs to be cooled to about 12C to turn back to a deep blue.

We have 25 of each color:
15 C ice blue
30 C room temp green
30 C room temp rose-red
45 C warm orange

We are not ready for massive orders so we want to keep this as a small beta test. We are selling spools directly to consumers in the contiguous 50 US states right now (unless you want to pay for a large DHL export fee). The net weight is 1KG - this is the weight of the filament and 1.4 Kg is the gross weight including the spool. $55 will also include free USPS priority shipping. One or two others are selling ABS color-change filaments but for almost $100 per KG shipped. Please PM me directly to get in on this beta test...or message me from the contact form on printm3d.com.

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