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Bulk order of stepper driver v2.3

Posted by khiraly 
Bulk order of stepper driver v2.3
January 20, 2010 09:14AM

Im thinking of having the stepper driver v2.3 pcb manufactured.
For the price would be about 30EUR for the pcb(+shipping):

The price is about 100EUR/dm^2.

If we are numeruous, maybe we could find a cheaper company to get the pcb manufactured.
I would ship only inside EU, so no international shipping.

Whould anybody interested in it? Im only brainstorming in the current state. So if anybody has something to add, just do it in this thread.

Best regards,
Re: Bulk order of stepper driver v2.3
January 20, 2010 02:47PM
My suggestion would be to purchase 100 of the PCB from Makerbot at 3.75. You are not going to get any cheaper than that, and Makebot already sells most the peices at lower costs than you can privately get them anyway.

Re: Bulk order of stepper driver v2.3
January 21, 2010 03:17AM
Hi Khiraly,

I've just ordered a lot of stepper V2.3 pcbs from a pcb house and they should be here in 2-3 weeks. I live in Belgium, so shipping to europe is cheaper for me than from the US. Besides, Makerbot doesn't seem to be offering stepper 2.3 boards any more (which is why i did the bulk order in the first place). The boards would cost about 4euro each and you don't need to buy 100 to get that price. How many do you need?

If you don't mind waiting a little, I'll be happy to supply you with boards. Do you need components as well (I've also just made a bulk order). A kit (ie. pcb and components) would cost about 20euro.

Hope this helps,
Re: Bulk order of stepper driver v2.3
January 21, 2010 04:09AM
Thank you guys your reply.


With makerbot I have the following problems:
1. They are always out of stock for kits, pcbs
2. Importing from the USA has the following disadvantage:
a) higher shipping costs (I get many quotes from private shipping companies, I would get between 2-300USD for shipping 20kg package to the US. Maybe bigger companies get dirty cheap shipping prices)
b) duty

The duty has the following fees:
- duty (6.5%)
- VAT (25% here, the UK seems 16%(?))
- spedition costs (50EUR here), because you cant arrange importing yourself, you need to hire a spedition company.

Buying one kit as a private person, maybe you will have luck, and dont need to pay all this duty stuff. But for bulk order you cant avoid it.

Just my 2 cents;-)

Matthew: Im definietly interested. I'll contact you in private message.

Best regards,
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