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Launch of the Reprap-Windturbine

Posted by Andreas Haeuser 
Launch of the Reprap-Windturbine
April 18, 2014 07:16AM
Hello Forum,

after two years of development and testing I launch my "Reprap-Windturbine". Goal in the development of the Reprap-Windturbine was to develop a wind turbine which can be produced and reproduced for the most part with a conventional 3D printer .... without lathe, milling machine or welding machine. The Reprap- Windturbine is not a toy or demonstration model, but a fully satisfying, robust machine for the permanent generation of electrical energy.

Here some technical specifications:

- 3-blade rotor D = 0.84 m
- Storm protection by stall of the rotor at wind speed > 50 km / h
- Power limitation by stall (save temperature boundary of the generator)
- Generator brake by shorting the phases
- Triphase neodym magnet alternator. Maximum charging power 55W (continuous output!)
- 3-phase collector ring
- 12V battery charging

On my Website I provide a step by y step construction manual and all stl-Datafiles you need to build the Reprap-Windturbine. If you are interested in this printable project you can find more information at:


...and please take a look at the attached picture.

Best regards

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