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[NL, worldwide] Premium Filament at discount prices

Posted by jonnie 
[NL, worldwide] Premium Filament at discount prices
May 31, 2014 06:40PM
First of all some good news!
In the past year Filament & meer has grown. We set up a big assortment of colors and have been able to make larger, and thus cheaper, purchases.
Because of this all filament prices can be lowered!
Prices for ABS, HIPS and PLA can be lowered to € 18,59 (ex VAT)
22 and the new price for the color of the month will be € 14,46 (ex VAT)

The color of the month for this month is brown.

Al het
ABS 1.75 mm,
ABS 3.0 mm,
PLA 1.75 mm en
PLA 3.0 mm
costs € 14,46 (ex VAT) per spool all month long

PLease like the filament & meer page on Facebook for more news on products and offers

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ABS filament in 40+ colors,
Flexible filament in 5 colors,
HIPS filament in 8 colors,
Metal PLA filament in 3 colors,
Nylon filament in 3 colors,
PETG filament in 6 colors,
PLA filament in 40+ colors.
PVA filament.
Wood filament in 2 colors..

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