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3 complete/semi complete 3d printers $1600

Posted by DR1983 
3 complete/semi complete 3d printers $1600
January 04, 2015 03:15PM
Hi everyone. I have 3 3d printers which I do not have much time for at the moment. I hope to sell all at once, and once time permits, move onto a newer design. Each printer has upgrades installed. I can advise on some places to get parts replacements if needed.

1. Mendel Prusa I2
No LCD controls
mk1 heatbed
Ramps 1.4 electronics
Wades extruder which needs a new idler printed
All metal hotend (1.75mm)
Marlin firmware installed, which should be calibrated (however my backup firmware was overwritten)
ATX power supply

2. Mendel Huxley
LCD controls
Ramps 1.4 electronics
Have default extruder in a bag, no motor or hotend
Airtripper V3 Bowden setup needs new thermal isolator, but works
Upgraded heat bed -Can print 10 inch parts
Marlin Firmware Calibrated Y, Z AXIS
-needs new gear on belts as there was slipping, very slow print, but worked at slow speeds
Xbox power supply

3. Mendel Prusa I3
Ramps 1.4 electronics with LCD controls
Fully Calibrated X,Y,Z,E Axis
All Metal Extruder for ABS, It will need to be flushed to run PLA
Laser cut frame bolted to wooden base for stability
-Filament does not get stuck in tip, as parts were changed from original extruder, However the feed guide went missing, so sometimes filament does not go into hotend
-Can be prevented by removing cooling fan to insert filament before heatup. Then performs full5+hr prints

Please note, I have not estimated shipping yet
Re: 3 complete/semi complete 3d printers $1600
January 07, 2015 05:19PM
Just a note, the idler for the I2 still works currently. I swapped it out with another part on the last print. I recommend a new extruder body because of a crack in the palstic for the Idler tension bolts.

I can PM any pictures upon request. If needed

I can also upload videos from when I last printed parts from the I3 to a website
-When it was lost in use, I had a bind on a bearing for the Y-axis, which was resolved after adding a small light oil to the smooth rods. This explains what appears to be lost steps for the Y-axis.

As stated each printer works, but may need small amounts of work to produce fast prints.

The only thing which may be a concern is Calibrating PID for the heatbed on the I2, and I3.
I2-calibrated heatbed for PLA, not fully calibrated for ABS
I3- calibrated heatbed for PLA in firmware, for ABS, the temp needs calibration, stable at only 94 degrees
Huxley- last used with PLA, however the 10 inch heatbed did reach 100
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