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[FR,EU] ABS LG HF380 for sale for Filament extruder

Posted by CFTechno 
[FR,EU] ABS LG HF380 for sale for Filament extruder
February 14, 2015 05:40AM
ABS LG HF380 for sale. I will ship as small as 100grm or as big as xx kg.

It's a high flow, high impact ABS. Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) (220°C/10.0 kg) 43g/10 min (ASTM D1238)

Datasheet : [catalog.ides.com]

Virgin material, in Naturel color, pellets are ovale and around 2 a 3 mm in diameter.

I have been testing it on a self made (Lyman V5 based) Filament extruder and printed with it. For now the maximum extruding speed was 12grm/min (or 1kg in +/- 1h25m ). Lowest filament fluctuation (for the moment) +/- 0.1mm

Printed on a Prusa I3 100mm/s 0.1layer (0.35 jhead)

I'm also testing masterbatches (colors) but will start selling them only when testing is finished.

Prices (without shipment costs)
100grm = € 1,-
500grm = € 5,-
1000grm= € 7,50
If you need more, please let me know!

You can ask for shipment cost (or any other question) via PM, that will allow me to find the cheapest one for your zipcode/country.

If you don't have a Filastruder, Filabot, Filafab, Noztek, Filamaker, Lyman or DIY version [www.instructables.com] I can send you some filament I've made. You only pay shipment and packing material costs. Tell me the width you need and I will make it.

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Re: [FR,EU] ABS LG HF380 for sale for Filament extruder
February 14, 2015 05:04PM
PS If you would like to know more about the Lyman v5 build and progress you can read about it (in Dutch) here : [forums.reprap.org]

If there is enough interest I can make an English version in the "Plastic Extruder Working Group"

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