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[Sold] All my 3D printer bits ina box!

Posted by UkIan 
[Sold] All my 3D printer bits ina box!
June 04, 2015 05:45PM
Hi, I've given up playing with 3D printers for now. It's been fun smiling smiley Anyway, I've just moved house, so all my stuff is currently in one crate and one cardboard box. The box has a complete i3, the crate has, jeez I have no idea, all of these:

2 or 3 E3D v6 hotends
half a dozen E3D nozzles
1 or 2 hexagon hotends
half a dozen hexagon nozzles
cabling and connectors
An E3D Kraken
A flexidrive extruder
Bulldog lite extruder
Bulldog (full) extruder
lots of steppers
Lots of drivers including silentStick ones
A couple of RAMPS boards (one on the printer)
A Duet board with Duex extender
lots of thermistors
A large chest of mini drawers full of different size socket head screws and nuts (M3-8 up to M10-x).
A few borosilicate glass sheets
power supplies
linear bearings (mechanical (many)
linear bearings (igus (10 or more)
Set of cut rods.
5 or 6 rolls of filament. It's a mix, PLA, ABS and a PVA one. Most are sealed, a couple are part used.
Lots of other stuff. I have no idea. You know printers, there's probably one of those in there smiling smiley

The i3 is aluminium sheet style. It's partially disassembled; the plate is unscrewed from the Y axis. It uses RAMPS, silentstick drivers and igus bearings on x and y.

I'm in Surrey, England and ideally someone will collect. I'm not wrapping everything and I can't be around for couriers to collect (unless it's at a weekend, late evening)
I'm not interested in selling individual parts, don't ask, it's all or nothing.
The crate is a "Really useful" 80L crate.

Price: £150 if you collect. £150 if you pay for courier to collect at a time suitable for me.

PM me with questions

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Re: All my 3D printer bits ina box!
June 05, 2015 09:33AM
Re: All my 3D printer bits ina box!
June 05, 2015 04:24PM
Hello, I have a queue of four people now, so unless this becomes an engineering version of "Final Destination", I'm pretty sure we're now sold smiling smiley
Re: [Sold] All my 3D printer bits ina box!
June 05, 2015 04:56PM
you send Belgium ? 3d printer full?
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