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NEW flexible transparent filament

Posted by porex 
NEW flexible transparent filament
February 15, 2016 10:13AM
Dear Friends! We hasten to please you. Ended closed test of the new material under the code name "Watson". In testing was attended by more than 20 publishers from all over world.

What distinguishes this material from classical ABS or PLA?!
1. Transparency!
The material is almost completely transparent (93% light transmission). The color of the material gives a very beautiful effect. The material is ideal for printing ceiling lamps, prototypes, transparent glassware, bottles, etc. name "Watson". In testing was attended by more than 20 publishers from all over world.
2. Absolutely harmless
The new material has no unpleasant odor during a 3D print. I would say more. It does not smell at all. In addition, the feedstock is completely safe, has security certificates and the certificate on the admission to food contact. Recommended for manufacturers of medical devices and children's toys.
3. Very low coefficient of thermal expansion.
Watson is not afraid of the open air and drafts. It is possible to print on a cold table with the use of some tricks. The material is well suited for printing large-size layouts
4. Flexible products!
The material has a flexible structure. Not breaking off and doesn't break when printing. Even if fialment rod in your extruder is fed at an angle in 90 degrees!
5. Easily processed
"Watson" easy dissolved in a solvent or d-limonene.
It can be used to achieve the visual effect of the glass.
A drop of solvent works wonders! After treatment with solvent you can read through the wall.
6. Bright juicy colors
Bright juicy colors allow to give the filaments unusual colors!

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