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Used Prusa i2 on Ebay

Posted by jrherita 
Used Prusa i2 on Ebay
June 15, 2016 12:05PM
Hi folks! I am selling my Prusa Mendel i2 printer on Ebay: [www.ebay.com]

Details there about this printer, which started out as a kit from Mixshop, some ABS parts off of Ebay some years ago, and various other parts as it's received some ugprades over the year.

The condition is that it sat around for a while unused, and when I pulled it out to print again, I was able to print a small companion cube as a test, but the edges are kinda rough. The printer also seems to shake a little more than I remember, so it requires calibration for sure. Everything works on the printer, and yes the wiring job could be cleaner.

I am selling this as I already have an i3 I'm using regularly, and a large format i3 that my (retired) Dad and I are building together, and do not need 3 3D printers smiling smiley.

Please let me know of any questions. I live near Philadelphia PA if you wanted to pick up locally (at reduced cost since the Ebay is free shipping).
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