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Problem solved

Posted by Carlos 
Problem solved
December 11, 2010 03:24PM
After recieving and testing the kit from Camiel I just can say:

After 5 days of mounting and understanding and reading, today I've connected for first time and I've printed the calibratoin object and It looks good.
Now I have to learn more about software and speeds, and etc...

Thank you Camiel. Good job.

Now I can say that all the time I waited has now a good reward. It's amazing watching a reprap printing in your bedroom, it's fantastic!!

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Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 11, 2010 08:07PM
So Carlos, had much coffee today?

I think 2 thread 3 posts all within 1 hour is a little excessive.

Why not try once a day for 3 days, might be more effective.

Let me guess, you emailed him at 8am, you didn't get a responce so you waited 4 hours before bombing us?

Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 12, 2010 04:14AM
No. I've waited for one month without knowing anything from him ater paying order. I told many times that if he was not able to get me information about order, forget it. Last week I saw that paypal taked me the money, and I still knowing nothing about Camiel.

If he can give me a good explanation I can erase all messages and reply that it was a mistake, otherwise I'll be writting posts all days.

Thank you.

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Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 12, 2010 07:35PM
I think 2 thread 3 posts all within 1 hour is a little excessive.

7 posts total, 2 of which I just deleted because someone flagged them as spam. smiling bouncing smiley

Carlos, I understand that you are frustrated, but please try to keep it in one thread, and not 7 in days?

-Sebastien, RepRap.org library gnome.

Remember, you're all RepRap developers (once you've joined the super-secret developer mailing list), and the wiki, RepRap.org, [reprap.org] is for everyone and everything! grinning smiley
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 13, 2010 02:04AM
i assume you mean you bought a mendel kit from mendel-parts.com?

i bought some stuff from camiel and it took about 21/2 months to arrive.
from the front page:

5-12-2010 NOTE: Please DONT PLACE ANY ORDERS anymore for the coming week or so.. (if I could close the webshop for new orders safely/temporarily I would...) We are very busy catching up (last week we shipped over 150 orders for example..), but we need a little air gap to get back to normal. We have alot of news/new items etc, but we will not put those online unless we are back to normal handling times. We have recruited alot of help for coming week, we should have 8 printers working by the end of this week, have insane amounts of stock etc etc etc.. Soon more (detailed) news. Also we have uploaded alot of photos from building our last two hot end v4 extruders.. (check the build info page)
And we have decided that a forum is the best solution for now. so we can reply once and everyone else can read the answer also.. and that way we can have users help other users etc etc.. Soon more news on the forum (ill try to fix that next weekend).
Last but not least: if you want to cancel your order and get full refund please email me asap on my hotmail: camielgubbels@hotmail.com and put the words "cancel" and/or "refund" in your email subject, otherwise we might ship your order this week... very sorry for all the trouble, but I cant guarantee we read all the backlog in the webshop email coming days...
PS: we now have shipped mendel(part)s to all continents of the world.. (except Antarctica..)
23-11-2010 NOTE: We still have very long delays, im very sorry, there has happened alot last few weeks, my fulltime assistent broke her collarbone 3 times in one week (yes, seriously..). we were very far behind in administration/paperwork and had to catch up and we are still rebuilding the place here for future grow (almost done). Ps: In nearby future we will start streaming from multiple mendels etc.
Also we were busy with: 2nd batch GEN6 production start, finishing our new heated bed (online soon), changing to better quality bearings (already being shipped now), changing a few mendel parts (x-end, base and new idler holder version). And off course maintaining our five printers, because those people are as always waiting the longest and therefor have ou highest priority. Also we have made alot of pictures while building last 2 extruders, so the first build page should come online probably coming weekend. And we did alot more Im probably forgetting...
However im very sorry to all customers that had to suffer from this, if you want to cancel and refund that is no problem (im probably glad if you do that now..). So we will start catching up on handling/updating/shipping orders and catch up on emails from today again.
1-11-2010 NOTE: We have very long delays in order handling and emails, please use my private email address (for urgent things) only:
Also please be very clear and helpful, summarize all things so far, include your order number(s) (in url) etc etc.
And try to not use contact us form untill we have catched up on around 640 emails..
We have decided last week that things were g(r)o(w)ing out of hand and decided to shutdown all communication and decided to immediatly upgrade our factory here (again) and start a mass production/ordering of supplies etc etc. We have succeeded in this and this week we can ship alot, if not all orders..
However all the communication delay is an issue. So we decided that for now orders (preferably) cannot be changed untill we have catched up on all orders, hopefully end this week.
So my recommendation is dont order now, wait a few days (or a week) and things should be coming on track again and hopefully we have a 1-3 day handling time again. (or check our site soon again, we will let you know when things are back to normal.)
Ps: due to power out here I lost all IRC private messages, because I didnt check those for a few days... please contact me later again.

Im very sorry for all this extra delay (for alot of customers) on top of (for some) already delay, but we need to think ahead and solve things for future customers. Because we have noticed there will never be a "quiet week" todo certain things...
Im deeply sorry,
Camiel Gubbels
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 15, 2010 05:48AM
I'll just chime in here as I have a little closer experience of Mendelparts.com than most, having helped Camiel out for 4 days last week.

From 4 days of observation, I can attest that Camiel is working diligently and very hard to fill his orders. He has a high standard and does not compromise in his parts quality and packing.

From what I can tell, he has been honest about his delays, making notices on his web-shop, and even asking people not to order. One good point to the favour of the 'complainers' is that he underestimates the times that it will take him to get some things done. He fills every second of his day, and when he gets breakages, they cost him dearly in time. He is working around the clock.

It is easy to say "just answer the emails once a day"... but from what I saw, if he did that, he would only answer emails (the vast majority from a handful of people) all day.

Lots of people have helpful suggestions as to how he could make things 'better'... but until they find themselves in his world, dealing with his issues, the suggestions are not linked to his reality.

I have a fairly high standard when it comes to judging people's ability, and after 4 days of being around Camiel when he's working, if I didn't mind the wait, I would order stuff from him still....


Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 15, 2010 06:42AM
I agree - have ordered twice from Mendel-Parts.com and both times it took a long time before being shipped but the goods offered are A-1 quality at a reasonable price. No complaints - except that I want to order more from him but won't until he posts on his website that he has caught up on past orders.

Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
"Luke, use the source!"
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Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 15, 2010 11:39AM
exciting update:

14-12-2010 NOTE: Forum online! --> mendel-parts.com/forum
And please wait a bit longer with ordering again, mainly because we will add alot of new products in a few days. And we dont want everybody asking for the new things as order addons. (as previous experienced..) coming soon: heated bed (upgrade parts also seperate etc), alu heater blocks (nophead's version), 1.75mm PLA and hot end v4 for 1.75mm filament with .35mm nozzle, some nice quality (Gedore etc) tools for sharp prices, hightemp cables/heatshrink/ferrules all kind of sizes, printbeds without hole cut out and alot more im forgetting now

1.75mm PLA + .35mm nozzle! awesome!
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 17, 2010 07:44AM
Hi Carlos,
(ill post here again too).

your order is in line with other orders, "waiting for plastic parts" there are around 8-10 users still waiting in line before you.
So we will start printing your set in a week approx.

But if you want a refund, please email me on my hotmail:

And we now have our own forum to solve these issues.. so please check our own forum and post a thread there with your ordernr if you have questions.

And sorry for all the delay, but I think people dont understand how difficult it is to try to keep 6 mendels running 20h/day.
We have had some problems last weeks, but now are running full force again.

And if I have missed your emails, im very sorry, i do my best, but there might still be a few customers that i havent found their emails yet in the 2000 unread emails or something...


Camiel Gubbels
Gubbels Engineering
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
December 18, 2010 06:34AM
Hi to every body.

Camiel has mailed me. Now I can say he is worried about delays. I accept apollogizes from him, and I understand all troubles you can find. Question was that I didn't recieve any mail from him. (I have to say that maybe if I didn't say nothing in forums I could still waiting). And it's very frustrating.

I don't want to repeat what do you feel when you don't obtain what you expected, I entered here today to say people that, they're serious, and I don't like people waste his time reading news that are not technical, but was important for me and averyone who has a pending order.

Thank you for your responses.
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
January 04, 2011 06:53AM
Hi Camiel,

I'm sorry to be trying to reach you this way, but unfortunately I've never received a direct answer from you regarding my order to mendel-parts, probably because my e-mails are lost between the 2000 or so unread others you mention. But business is business and my organization's interests are being hurt until this problem is solved.

My order is #382 and since 12/24/2010 that the status of my order is pending due to lack of payment - the problem is I won't be able to pay until someone at Gubbels Engineering/Mendel-Parts corrects my billing address as I've been repeatedly requesting for almost three months now.... PLEASE SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!! Do you want our money or not?! It's really easy...


Re: Mendel-parts are serious
January 14, 2011 06:43PM
Mendel-parts is having serious issues with customer service and the ability to fill previous orders much less new ones. I ordered a complete kit on Oct 17th, got it Dec 20th, and found I was missing parts. Despite him claiming he shipped them on 12/31 I STILL have no parts to complete my printer. Buyer beware, I would not trust them. They have good intentions but very shoddy business practices. Read my review on his site for more detail. Check his forum under the order information section to see countless complaints and questions with no answers...
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
January 21, 2011 05:03AM
Hi to everybody again.
Due to another lag in mendel-parts I have to say one more time that mendel-parts are not serious, at least with me.
Congratulations to everyone that has obtained products from them. I can't.

I'm desesperate, another month has passed since Camiel's last message and I feel like an idiot. I've payed more than 1.000€ and no answer from them.

In the last mail, Camiel asked which color I would like. I said that that I like the "fastest". One month printing a set of mendelplastics? On youtube videos seems to print faster.

If you want to check my order, I still can't believe...

Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
January 21, 2011 07:08AM
That is crazy that you are waiting so long for your plastic. I can print a set in about three days using my mendel. He must really be swamped with orders.


Fully assembled and tested RepRap Mendel printed in ABS/PLA plastic. Ready to print out of the box.
Please e-mail support@thefutureis3d.com with your request.
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
January 22, 2011 05:43AM
21-01-2011: We have good news for everybody waiting on a full machine including plastics. Due to the delay, we decided to upgrade all full machines (being shipped from next week) to a free heated bed upgrade (extra powersupply + predrilled bed + heaterblocks+PTFE sheet+steel springs etc), free extruder springs, and also beside nichrome wire all machines will now get the alu heater block kit.

You're a lucky boy carlos!
Re: Mendel-parts are not serious
February 09, 2011 03:53PM
After 5 days of mounting and understanding and reading today I've connected for first time and I've printed the calibratoin object and It looks good.
Now I have to learn more about software and speeds, and etc...

Thank you Camiel. Good job.

Now I can say that all the time I waited has now a good reward. It's amazing watching a reprap printing in your bedroom, it's fantastic!!
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