USA, Pre-order parts or kits for a discount. No charges until March 2nd.
February 09, 2011 02:46PM
I have several items to offer. Free shipping in the USA reduced shipping internationally- []

$1- Access to my Mendel to print your parts at the cost of plastic and shipping.
$15- Wades Extruder in ABS
$50- Huxley reprap parts
$100- Mendel or Prusa Mendel reprap parts (Your Choice)
$250- Mendel printed parts and hardware. (Rods threaded/smooth, belts, nuts, bolts, bearings. No electronics)
$900- Mendel built, tested and flat packed for shipping. (Minor assembly required)

The reason these prices are so low is due to the lead time that will be required before the item ships. View the details here- []

-John, San Diego, CA

MrJohnEcker on Twitter, Gmail
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