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Is WANHAO D6 a Clone of ZORTAX M200 ??

Posted by Angeline 
Is WANHAO D6 a Clone of ZORTAX M200 ??
March 03, 2017 04:44AM
Wanhao D6 have look alike resemblance of Zortax M200 and available at almost 1/3 one third PRICE $664 approximately.

wanhao 6 is a 3d printer with print area 200x200x180mm , Full metal body , enclosed frame best for printing in ABS filament.Its enclosed frame maintains temperature across entire model to avoid the risk of warp and crack over model. It has Latest extruder nozzle Mk11, Double locking Z axis screw, LCD display with navigational Dial can be pushed and dialed.
The Printer is Highly reliable, efficient, precise, high resolution, high dimensional accuracy . Wide variety of raw material is compatible with it. It is a plug and Play 3D Printer. This printer meets your desired expectation. It can shape your Concepts and Design in to plastic 3D Model.

In the Box you get 3D Printer , FIRMWARE,Sample filament, Tool Kit and SD Card.

The seller provides FIRMWARE openly that gives freedom to play around with it to the Buyer. Till now no Seller have given firmware for Completely assembled proven 3D Printer. Wanhao is the first company to do so

Who can use this 3D Printer ?
Architecture, 3d modelers, 3D Artists, 3D Designers, CAD Designers, Research and Development , Pattern makers, Jewelry industry,

WANHAO 6 have extra benefits over Zortax Like it is Compatible with different Slicr like CURA, Simplify 3D ,etc whereas Zortax is compatible with its own closed source SLICER "Z-Suite" only. READ HERE more about its SPECIFICATION & COMPARISON.

Wanhao has already earned good reputation in market in terms of PRODUCT QUALITY, PRICE & SERVICE. This company Provides excellent Technical support over Forum to Buyer and contributes a lot to 3D Printing beginners.

To learn more on Comparison visit this SITE and Discuss it here. You may also ask more QUESTIONS HERE

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