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Latest News | Best 22 3D Printers of 2017 Yearsmiling smiley

Posted by 3dpkart 
Latest News | Best 22 3D Printers of 2017 Yearsmiling smiley
April 06, 2017 05:37AM
smiling bouncing smileyBest 22 3D Printers of 2017 Year ! Exclusively available on 3DPrinterkart

In Begnining of this year 2017 there are some new 3D Printers that hit the market and some printers from last year selling hot in the market .
Let us take a look at some of the best 25 3D Printers that you can look forward to buy this summer of 2017.
There are various options for selecting 3d printer in kit or Assembled type, Delta orCartesian Type, Small orLarge Build Size, Open source orClosed Sourced professional type, Conventional or Upgraded features. It completely depends upon users requirement. Below listed 3d printers are described based on these factors which usually user looks for while selecting 3d printers.
First let us take a look at the Delta’s which are fast , easy to assemble , large print height etc.

Anycubic Kossel Delta

No. of Extruders :1
Print Size (XYZ) :180X300mm
This is a open source Delta 3d printer kit having 3 robotic arm , Aluminium extrusion structure of Europeanstandard 2020, available in two optionsPulley versionandLinear guide Version. This printer is gaining popularity for its exclusive designed Trigorilla mainboard that offeroutstanding functionality ,stability ,Simple Installation , Easy operation, Extensible function, Selectabledrives , wide voltage input, compatible with marlin firmware.
Basic printer price is $165.5 which is pulley version and comes in with various chargeable upgrade options like Linear guide version, large printing area, Heat bed , etc.

Flsun KosselDelta

No. Of Extruder:1
This is also an open source delta style Kossel3d printer kit . Pulley version is aBasic Printer for $176having Aluminium structure, Metal build plate, Powerful extruder, Ramps motherboard,Standard build volume 180x300mm and Auto levelingfeature . It can be upgraded with features likeLinear guide version and heatbed. This printer is very easy to assemble within few hours and has all plastic moulded component.

He3D K200 Delta

No. of Extruders : Single / Dual (Optional)
Print Size (XYZ) : 200X300mm
This is an opensource delta style 3 Robotic Arm pulleyversion 3dprinter kit with free auto leveling feature, Aluminium structure, All metal E3D extruder for just $195 free shipping to major countries. Its fun learning and playing with such cheap kits . If properly calibrated it can print decent prints . It also ahs a Dual Extruder Upgrade kit which will enable to print with two filaments.

HE3D Ei3 Single/Dual/Tripal Extruder 3D Printer

XCR Delta 3D Printer

No. of Extruders :1
Print Size (XYZ) :130x130mm
This is a smallest cost effective delta 3D printer kit best for educational purpose having high strength carbon push rods,UFO type effect head,Semi-Auto leveling,LCD Display etc.It has a moulded plastic body and looks professional.
He3D K200 Delta

Afinibot- A5

No. of Extruders :1
Print Size (XYZ) :130xz150x100mm
If someone looking for beginner level 3d printer for educational purpose , then this small printer build size130xz150x100mm. This is a very light weight printer with build upon two aluminium structure.

Zonestar D805 DIY 3D Printer

No. of Extruders :1
Print Size (XYZ) : 220x220x220mm
This is prusa i3 type less noisy 3d printer kit having qualityAluminium bars , RAMPS 1.4 ,wheels,wherein supports coners and frames are made up Steel reducing the damage issues during transit. It hasStable motherboard , Proximity sensor for auto leveling and heatbed, Filament-Run-Out-Detection. Itshotend is fully enclosed with aluminumand exclusivedesigned extruder supports easy loading and replacing of flexible material support.

Zonestar P802 QS :Made of Steel !smiling bouncing smiley

No. of Extruders : Single /Dual
Print Size (XYZ) : 220X220X240mm
This is Full Metal Frame Prusa i3 type 3D printer kit havingquite large enoughbuild size 220x220x240mm, Upgraded motherboard ZRIB V2, Stainless steel made rigid and stable Hotbed frame. The printer can be ugraded to Filament-Run-Out-Detection. Some extra modifications and Stainless body makes it unique among all printers.

CBOT 3D DIY Prusa i3

No. Of Extruder : Single
Buildvolume: 200x200x230mm
Most of 3D Printer manufacturers are attracting buyer by offering unique and latest features like Filament-Run-out-detection, Auto leveling, Dual extruder,Height detection,etc With no surprise this printer supports all these latest features and in addition it support PowerResumeFeature and Color Touchscreen. It has metal aluminum frames and single extruder .

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