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Kossel XL..MGN12 Lerdge-xARM32,LV8729 drivers 3,5TFT

Posted by edvard rahel 
Kossel XL..MGN12 Lerdge-xARM32,LV8729 drivers 3,5TFT
May 03, 2018 05:21AM
Kossel XL unfinish DIY build from scratch,

Print volume D280 x H285mm, Profiles black ALU-Tp T slot 2020 towers 750mm hight, side 355mm .Line rail MGN12 550mm long,
Motherboard Lerdge X ARM32, 4 drivers LV8729 max 1/128 steps, Display full color 3.5TFT.Filament monitor senzor 1.75mm, Auto level pressure sensor.Optical end stops, All board accesories are Lerdge,
Spider carbon arms 330mm 8mm diameter, Hot bed SeeMeCNC ver6 310mm 'glass 5mm tick, Power mosfet 25A ,All cable ,stepper motrs,end stops are connected ,Vref set up,Autoleveland filament monitor sensor tested,,Hot bed and extruder heather working fine ,,Remin fine tune printer and final calibrate.

[www.njuskalo.hr] You have my home address and phone number in each auction

Price 350 Euro + shipping price,I will ship to EU only,

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