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Upgraded OM2 Printer Bed Support Kit

Posted by orictosh 
Upgraded OM2 Printer Bed Support Kit
May 29, 2018 11:57AM
Are you having problems with the original MDF printer bed support kit?
Not able to level the bed due the adjustment screws pushing though the MDF?

Then you need this upgrade, (click the link below) made from high quality aluminium and from the Ormerod 2 RepRap drawings.
Exactly like the MDF parts just in Aluminium, no more flex, bed is fully supported and solid


Any questions, just visit the contact us page [www.3dprintandstuff.co.uk]

Many Thanks

Chris Hills

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Printer: Ormerod 2 (528.4) Duel extruder set-up with Aluminium X-Rib, RRPro Firmware v1.11-ch (2016-04-08)
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