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The Future Is 3-D

Posted by Adventure 
The Future Is 3-D
May 09, 2011 08:28AM
Come check out our site for information on our kits and our fully built Mendel’s.

Take a look at the documentation and download section.

Watch your printer being built, and watch it print before you buy.

Get on our Mendel list at no cost to you.

You only pay when you approve the printer. We now have our own extruder design that fits a standard Mendel carriage.

Our printers are tested for a week of non-stop printing before being shipped.

Our promise to you is a quality built printer.

We also will send you free upgrades as we develop them.

If you have purchased a fully built mess (Mendel) from someone else you can send it to us, and we will get it going for you.

Each printer is custom calibrated so you are ready to print day one. Each printers serial number has a custom replicatorG download for it.

We want our customers to be happy and will do all we can to make you happy.

Our Mendel’s are also printed on Mendel’s. We are not using a commercial grade printer like a Stratasys or U-print. We want you to know that we know how to use what we sell.

I have run into companies that have no clue and defer all the questions to the place they purchased their equipment from. So basically they collect the money and dump the tech support on someone else.

Our wait time for a machine might be long. However, there is a reason for that... Quality....

We don’t have a store because each person is special, and we want to have that one on one to get you exactly what you need.


See you there and happy 3-D printing.

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