grinning smiley Arduino board, re-designed, and manufactured by me. grinning smiley
December 25, 2018 09:35PM
I decided to re-design the Arduino uno board. I made a few design changes such as changing the usb chip so the board works well with USB 3. I also switch to a different regulator circuit so that the Arduino can happily run in a 24volt system. As well as a few other minor layout changes such as moving the pin 13 led and rx/tx right in front of their respective place on the header. The board uses high quality ceramic decoupling capacitors, so there are no electrolytics to wear out, and the board is assembled with eutectic lead solder, so it will not be subject to all the short comings of lead free solder such as: tin whiskers and mechanical fatigue.

I wanted to sell a high quality board, that was made in the USA, and would last virtually forever. I decided I should do all the production myself. I bought a Quad IVc pick and place, and a MiniPak wave soldering machine. So they were designed and assembled by me.

I am trying to sell them on ebay. currently I am selling them for the same price as the Adafruit boards. Please give me feedback, and if you would like, buy a board smiling smiley


Thank you so much

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