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Ormerod 2 for sale

Posted by andynxn 
Ormerod 2 for sale
December 28, 2018 09:41AM
Hi Guys,

I bought this 3d printer from RS when they were selling them (January 2016). Its be built to the manual and still is as stock. (only thing missing is the cover for the PCB board). I have also purchased a metal arm for it and the IR kit (both new and need fitting).
I dont use it at all anymore so if someone has a good use for it now. Im not sure how much this would sell for now so any reasonable offers please.

Also im from the UK, so if we could arrange collection as im not sure how well it will transport.

Re: Ormerod 2 for sale
December 29, 2018 12:55PM
I've just rebuilt an Ormerod for a Makerspace in Liverpool, and they are currently running on a board loaned from me, and don't have the IR sensor or metal arm. What county are you from?

I know these kits were north of £450 new, but alas aren't holding value in the face of the new duets and rigid mendel 90s/prusas/knockoffs and super cheap current entry level kits. I paid 80 on ebay for one with metal bed and arm, but toasted control card. Earlier last year I think it cost me around 140 to import a new old stock kit back from Australia. I'd consider an offer somewhere between the two, is that in the right ball park for you?
Re: Ormerod 2 for sale
December 29, 2018 01:01PM
Sorry I should be clear that I can't buy on behalf of the makerspace so will need to relay this information bavk to them before I can confirm. If you're more than 100 miles or so from us then it would meed posting, but breaking it down wouldn't be an issue.
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