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MakerBot Rep Mini and Replicator2 parts

Posted by NeilP 
MakerBot Rep Mini and Replicator2 parts
March 01, 2019 10:01AM
Private sale of selection of MakerBot parts from destroyed Mini and Replicator 2 I am in UK (well Jersey)

These machines were partly carefully dis-assembled, partially broken up with extreme violence.. So no chassis parts ..they were bent or smashed up..sorry.

The Smart Extruders have already gone

Both PSU's still available.
new 24 volt heater element

All stepper motors and both Z-axis threaded bars..thgouht the Rep 2 one may have a bend..need to check.

Selection of belts an pulleys etc, some smooth rods, and good brass bushes. these machines were little used, less than 50 hours form what I was lead to believe.

Most of the wiring is dead, ripped out or cut out.

I kept the little plastic cals clamps that do snap iff pulled too hard.

Rep 2 Display panel is smashed. but the rubber button part is still good.

plastic panels from the Mini are intact.

Old original build platform for the Rep 2 is still in usable.

Still have the four feet from the Rep 2

If any one wants any bits, ..msg me...as for price...well the price of postage plus what ever you thing is reasonable.

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