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SCAM Warning/Disclaimer

Posted by SebastienBailard 
SCAM Warning/Disclaimer
January 16, 2008 11:35PM

We've had a few attempted scams

If you receive a Private Message or Email from people claiming to sell RepRap parts, be careful.

1) Don't send money to random people.
2) Do a quick google search.
If they have a history of posts and have established them in RepRap forum, then it is probably safe.
3) No history? -> Unsafe.
4) A Money Order to another country? -> Unsafe.
5) Scammer includes a photograph? -> Unsafe (Good photograph, Bad person) . Ask them to take a new photograph, with the part placed on a sheet of paper with today's date and their name written on it. A legitimate seller will be willing to do this, a scammer will find it impossible.
Unsure? Ask in the RepRap forum.

Warning: Be careful when sending money/packages to people you don't know. We at RepRap can do very little in case of scams, carelessness/ill fortune, and evil spirits at the post office, beyond banning the responsible party from the forum and cooperating with legal authorities.

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