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FABtotum Personal Fabricator / Ultimaker parts / Discov3ry Paste Extruder

Posted by corngolem 
FABtotum Personal Fabricator / Ultimaker parts / Discov3ry Paste Extruder
April 25, 2022 12:01PM
Hello, I'm looking for a buyer for the remaining products after closing down my fablab.

The products are still brand new, never used, sometimes never unpacked.
For the above reason I cannot give other information than the official product documentation does on the seller's site.

I can ship worldwide from France.
Transaction will be done by wirebank transfer.
I can provide an invoice.

Make an offer via PM.

# FABtotum Personal Fabricator : fully assembled package of the consumer version




# Ultimaker 1 parts: (package price 400€)

stepper driver 14,50€
3 nozzle 3x15€
3 peek isolator 3x14€
3 hot end isolator tube 3x15€
2 thermocouple sensor 2x26€
2 aluminum heater block 15€
2 hot end isolator coupler 2x15€
bowden tube 15€
thermocouple transmiter 28,50€
heater cartridge 32,50€
print head hot end holder 12€
2 12mm linear bearings 2x11€
hot end upgrade v2 (sauf pièces barrées) 5€
UltiController assembled 85€
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