SMART-RAMPS w. Pico - 6 stepper controller
May 07, 2022 05:47AM
Hi All. My main board has been a SMART-RAMPS board, and it has been awsome! Love the openness of it and flexibility. I'd modified mine for 24V and it worked with Mega2460 and Duo boards interchangeably.

I wanted to make a CoreXY in the style of Rat Rig Core V 3 though, this meant I needed six stepper drivers. Also, there have been updates in chips.

Here, I present to you, what I affectionately think of as the SMART-RAMPS 2.0. It is actually nameed PickSix (As many these days know nothing about RepRap ;/

The board works flawlessly with the RepRap display from my Smart Ramps board. I've only tested it with Klipper and there is a branch here (github) All GPIOs from the GPIO expander board are 5V tolerant. The Pico goes at 133 Mhz and is screaming by Rep Rap standards. Also, I've implemented use of PIO step drivers so, CPU is only lightly loaded on one core (Truth be told, I'm considering porting the Klipper host to that other core, coming from Marlin, I find the 2 CPUs to be very annoying in Klipper). You CAN power a Raspberry Pi from the USB. I recommend a Pi Zero W (if you can get your hands one one) but you can use a Pi Zero with ESP9266 using sdio interface. Any other Pi would work too (as per Klipper recomendations).

So, here is the schematic (below) and a picture of one of the built up boards (below). If anybody is interested, I'm selling the other prototype boards. They'll be moded to this Rev 2 spec shown here (unless you'd rather they were not, let me know for your case).

Schematic: PickSix.pdf


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