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[FI] Bare PCB: RAMPS + 5*Stepper + 6*Limitswitch +SD CARD reader

Posted by mikropehmo 
[FI] Bare PCB: RAMPS + 5*Stepper + 6*Limitswitch +SD CARD reader
September 21, 2011 05:33AM
This is panelized 10*10 cm sized PCB which holds ALL PCB layouts (exept Atmega2560) needeed to build up Reprap machine.

Item description:
Sold as fixed panel. Individual PCB parts need to be separated. That is possible easily using saw or knife.
1. RAMPS PCB is based on version 1.31, but I have added holes for heater indicator LEDs and filter capacitors just before RAMPS (SMD) version 1.4 came out. Added some protection for FETs etc. Fully operational, using this on my own reprap machine.
License free Eagle Light schematic file and panelized PCB layout file can be emailed to customers.

2. Stepper drivers are Pololu steppers. SMD component pads are enlarged to hold 0805 sized components. Because they are easier to solder manually. Allegro chips (A4983 or A4988) are possible to solder manually, I have done it many times. Also these modules are proven to operating correctly.
3. Limit swithes are my own product. It contains holes for many types of optical switches 6-10 mm wide pin spacing plus possibility for mechanical microswitch also. PCB has pullup resistor and indicator LED. One fixing hole.
4. SD CARD reader is logic gate (74AHC125) buffered, quite similar than SDRAMPS, but different layout. This unit IS untested, but no reason why it should work just like others. PCB has also SMD pads for two different sized 3.3V regulator and also some optional indicator LEDS on bottom side. Fits directly to RAPMS port, SD card socket pointing down if RAMPS is on its "normal" position.

Item Condition: new, not used, PBfree PCB
Number Available: 10

Price: 11 eur ($15)
Payment Conditions: Paypal, bank transfer
Location: Finland

Shipping Cost: EU: 1.05 eur, rest of the world 1.70 eur.
Shipping Conditions: Priority mail, others possible (economy mail is cheaper, 0.85 and 1,00 eur).

Contact Information: mikropehmo at gmail dot com
Offer Expires: while stock last
open | download - RAMPS 132.JPG (287.3 KB)
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