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plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)

Posted by terramir 
plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)
February 18, 2012 02:56AM
Okies I've been building my strap and well been having some problems like snapping rod clamps etc. so I figured I give this a shot maybe someone will bite.
#1 got PLA bushing's coming already bought a wades extruder on eBay have gt2 pulley's so what I need is the rest of the plastic parts, prefer a design That can take both pla bushings and later upgrade to lm8uu (I dunno if this exists but if it does that's what I want otherwise I'll just print replacements then.)
Can offer $25 that should cover shipping, plastic costs and a little profit, remember I need neither the pla bushing's (already got those coming nor the wades already have that)
just the rest of the plastic parts. Will continue to try to make the things out of wood, but I would prefer to get this over with the project been going on for over a month with little progress.
So again don't need pulley's or extruder or pla bushings need the rest.
Bumped it up to $25 since I paid $30 for the wades and $10 for the pla I should have probably bought it all together. HELP !!! making it out of wood will take another 2 months or so I wanna have it working grinning smiley

please let me know

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Re: plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) just the rest $25
February 19, 2012 04:39PM
anyone please I'm on disability, so yeah I'm poor and I already sunk like 400 bucks into the whole thing, well I'm not asking for free folks this easily should cover shipping and plastic. remember no pulley's extruder or pla bushings needed
Re: plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)
February 24, 2012 01:28PM
Hi terramir,
what kind of printer are you building?
i might be able to help you out.
do you need prusa parts or something else?
can you post a pic of what you already have going on?
Re: plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)
February 24, 2012 01:54PM
well the thing is this bryanandaimee is sending me his old prusa one parts (iteration V1) but now I got another small problem the postal service (yeah it tracks all the way to my local post office then poof, lost the pla bushing deuxvis (thanks to him too) printed for menow I'm kinda stuck again LOL. cause I pretty much out of money , might be able to scratch up 4 bucks ,but I need 24 pla bushings at least (12 for the parts bryan is sending me and 12 for when I reprint to iteration2. the plastic for those bushings cost a few cents, and a yellow bubble mailer 1st class package will cost about 2 bucks
Anyway that's what really could help right now, I'mma not having much luck lol.
So if you could help it would be appriciated.
Re: plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)
February 27, 2012 05:08AM
Terramir, would any action on my part help with the lost package problem ?

I'm glad I used tracking otherwise we wouldn't know where the problem lies.

Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
Re: plastic parts (Minus extruder,bushings, pulleys) (closed!!!!!!)
February 27, 2012 10:33AM
Looks like the post office found your package, well my package you sent, all I can do is hope I'll be going to the postoffice in 30 minutes (it opens in an hour smiling smiley
Let's hope for the best
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