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WANTED: Wires & 3 endstops for PrintrBoard

Posted by cassetti 
WANTED: Wires & 3 endstops for PrintrBoard
September 16, 2012 07:29PM

I'm building a modified prusa v2 (Ecksbot) this week and I ordered the parts last week. After reviewing the various vendors who supply the printrboard, I opted to support the original designer of this board (printrbot.com) and buy the board direct. Unfortunately, while their store includes a good description of the board, it lacked any list of what's included. Stupid me assumed it would include the hardware other vendors included (endstops, molex plugs, ect). NOPE.

1 hour after placing my order, I contacted Printrboard once I realized my error, and inquired as to what's included. 4 days later, i recieved a response that only the board was included. Unfortunately this delay has set me back a bit on my build and I'm annoyed by that.

Therefor I'm looking for someone else who has a spare set of plugs for my board. (Note, I am capable of soldering wires, so I'm comfortable if i have to splice some things together...).

I realize now that there are so many options for these wire configurations, so let me briefly elaborate on what I need: pre-wired plugs for the 3 axis and the extruder, Thermistor plug (I have thermistors I can attach), hotbed thermistor plug, 3 (4?) endstop connections, Extruder and Hotbed plugs (hotbed is Prusa Mk2 bed). Also need 3 endstops, but if you don't have them, I will find elsewhere

I'm in delaware, but will pay for anyone who can mail them via priority mail so I get them before next weekend.


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Re: WANTED: Wires & 3 endstops for PrintrBoard
September 23, 2012 11:22AM
Makerfarm.com has the end stops, wires etc. They even have the Printrboard for less then printrbot.
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