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[WTB] Complete unassembled Kossel (Delta) Kit

Posted by HarshReality 
[WTB] Complete unassembled Kossel (Delta) Kit
May 04, 2013 09:35PM
Ive looked and while I realize Kossel is in flux with RoStock Id like to get a 'kit' together to start me out. Dont misunderstand but I'd like to go < 600. I say 600 as it has alot fewer parts and cmplexity than a typical Prusa or Mendel variant. From what I have seen I was lead to think these projects were to bring this to an 'every day consumer' market and given the way prices are not fluctuating I dont see it happening. But enough about my observations.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I considered doing this on my own accord but its changing so quickly and there are so many variants and tweaks going on I cant find a good single source to get started with nor do I have access to a printer to print any plastic parts I would need to even start on a frame.
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