Hi guys,
I'm living in Germany and want to build a prusa iteration 3. I don't care if i get a full kit or if you tell me where i can find the separate parts. But I try to keep it below 400€.
I would also take a used 3d printer as long as I can (re)build it myself.

greetings and thanks

Hi nutzio,
I am in the Netherlands also building my first 3d printer(s), I am putting together 2 complete set of Prusa I3 (box frame style) since I have my own CNC, I will use it to cut out the wooden frame out of MDF, then finish it with glossy white paint to protect against moisture. The printed parts I ordered are coming in shining red color.
I am buying the parts in quatity of two's since shipping is the same and intend to sell one as a kit or completely assembled soon as I have all parts in.
If you are interested. let me know remaining parts should all be available +- 1 week from now.

Other wise here is a list of where I got/getting most parts.

Stepper motors/Bearings (reprapworld nl)
Pololu motor drivers (Original pololu driver bought from Texas USA )
Belts/pulley (gcolbourn ebay UK)
Extruder (EZStruder Seemecnc USA)
Hotends (Original J head from the designer himself (reifsnyderb) @ hotends.com USA)
Printed parts ( Hugh thompson of 3distributed.com UK) -
at the end should have something like this in white wood and red.

Hi Nutzio

Most of the parts you are looking for are on our webshop at www.3distributed.com

We don't yet offer full kits, but for the i3 we now stock:

printed parts,
heated bed,

Drop me an email if you are looking for anything not on the shop and I'm sure I can help you out.

PS - Topicawox - thanks for the reference winking smiley
Hi nutzio,

I would like to know if you builded the Prusa I3. Currently I'm living in Germany and I'm interested in build it.


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