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Azteeg G1 328P

Posted by iamwill 
Azteeg G1 328P
November 27, 2013 02:54AM
Pancutt has been out of stock for over 6 months now (for the Azteeg G1-328P), so I am reaching out to see if anyone knows of a place that I can purchase an Azteeg G1 328P or of a similar open source controller card. I like the cheaper pricing and the LCD/LED screen they offer on Pancutt, but I am open to a good card that has the LCD/LED screen with the manual jog ability. I was looking at the Smoothieboard, but it doesn't look to be ready for sale yet. Thanks in advance.

FYI, I am building a Buildlog.net 2.0 Laser Cutter.
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