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Wanted: Mendel Parts Germany

Posted by Treichl 
Wanted: Mendel Parts Germany
March 26, 2010 04:34PM

I'm following the Reprap development for more than half a year and I surely already started creating all the mechanical parts and also already bought the electronics.

My last problem is that I still don't have any Mendel parts to fit it all together and I also don't have an idea how to get some in the near future...

So if somebody wants to give me a chance to finish my project and has some offer then please let me know.

Thanks so much
Re: Wanted: Mendel Parts Germany
April 06, 2010 07:06PM
Was fehlt noch,
Re: Wanted: Mendel Parts Germany
April 26, 2010 05:06PM
What parts do you need? All of the metric, regular Mendel-parts?
Or the parts for a Mini-Mendel? (easier to print.)

My Mendel-Parts will be done printing tomorrow.
My MiniMendel-parts are up on eBay.

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