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Wanted X, Y, Z axis parts for mendel, will pay for individual parts

Posted by goraxe 
Wanted X, Y, Z axis parts for mendel, will pay for individual parts
March 27, 2010 05:13PM
Wanted parts, from the below list. I have given each part a unit price, and the quantity I require. I am not expecting any one person to print me all the parts, but I would not be adverse to someone doing so ;-). Nor do the parts need to be repraped, I will accepted milled parts, and possibly molded parts.

I have listed prices in USD but I'm in the UK so normally work in GBP. Treat the prices as a guide I will/may be willing to negotiate.

If you are willing to spare some printing time, please contact me with which parts you would be willing to produce for me. The minimum I will be willing to part cash for is double the cost of the shipping, ie if your in the states shipping to the UK seemsto be around $13 for a usps small box. Therefore the minimum I would be willing to acceptwould be any combination of parts that total $26 + shipping. This is simply to keep my shipping costs down. If you can ship for less, and want to offer me a smaller amount, all's groovy. I have no maximum.

Please contact me to agree quantity and parts before starting any builds, and to agree sale.I will not guarantee I will agree to pay for parts unless you contact me first. Yes that is a disclaimer against this being any form of advert of definitive offer, contract, or anything else binding, legal or otherwise until you contact me :-)

Part                                        Qty   unit price     Total
z-leadscrew-base-bar-clamp_2off.par          x2    @ $7            $14
z-leadscrew-base_2off.par                    x2    @ $7            $14

z-opto-bracket_1off                          x1    @ $3            $3
z-axis-opto-spring.aoi                       x1    @ $3            $3

z-motor-bracket_1off.par                     x1    @ $7            $14
[www.thingiverse.com]                        x3    @ $7            $21
z-tensioner_1off.par                         x1    @ $5            $5

z-drive-pulley-rim_4off.par                  x4    @ $3            $12
z-driven-pulley_2off.par                     x2    @ $3            $6

Z axis Total                                                       $92

Part                                        Qty    unit price     Total
x-carriage-belt-clamp_2off                   x2    @ $3            $6
x-carriage-lower_1off                        x1    @ $7            $7
x-carriage-upper_1off                        x1    @ $7            $7

x-end-bracket_2off.par                       x1    @ $12           $12
x-180-z-bearing-plate_2off.par               x2    @ $7            $7
x-bar-clamp-m3_6off.par                      x6    @ $3            $18

x-axis-side-plate-nut-jig_2off.par           x4    @ $3            $12
x-bar-clamp-m4_4off.par                      x4    @ $3            $12
x-vert-drive-nut-trap_4off.par               x4    @ $5            $20
x-vert-drive-side-plate-180-end_2off.par     x2    @ $7            $14

x-360-z-bearing-plate-mirror_2off.par        x2    @ $5            $10
x-360-z-bearing-plate_2off.par               x2    @ $5            $10
x-vert-drive-side-plate-360-end_2off.par     x2    @ $7            $14

x-end-bracket_2off.par                       x1    @ $7            $7

x-motor-bracket-spacer_2off                  x2    @ $3            $6

X axis Total                                                       $162

y-motor-bracket_1off.par                     x1      @ $7           $7
y-bearing-360-inner_2off.par                 x2      @ $7           $14
y-bearing-360-outer-left_1off.par            x1      @ $7           $7
y-bearing-360-outer-right_1off.par           x1      @ $7           $7

y-bearing-180-inner_2off.par                 x2      @ $5           $10
y-bearing-180-outer-left_1off.par            x1      @ $5           $5
y-bearing-180-outer-right_1off.par           x1      @ $5           $5

y-belt-clamp_2off.par                        x2      @ $3           $6

Y axis Total                                                       $61
Re: Wanted X, Y, Z axis parts for mendel, will pay for individual parts
March 28, 2010 12:21PM
Hi, i am currenlty in the process of printing mendal parts on my cupcake, i have some of the parts you need spare, and will be printing the rest at some other point, are you still in need of items? ps im also in the UK (gloucester) so shipping should be minimal.

Let me know if you still need items
Steve ([email protected])
Re: Wanted X, Y, Z axis parts for mendel, will pay for individual parts
April 30, 2010 01:38PM
I have some of the parts here too due to currently printing a Mendel.
What parts are still left to be printed?
Could you post prices in GBP or EUR? The ratio to USD is changing heavily every day at the moment.


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Re: Wanted X, Y, Z axis parts for mendel, will pay for individual parts
May 02, 2010 10:14AM
Hi I should have closed this request a few days ago. I now have all the parts I require currently, thanks to all the people who offered to print parts, and the two guys who did print parts for me :-).
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