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(UK) Filament supplier (ABS)

Posted by CraigRK 
(UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
July 04, 2010 03:47PM
Hi all,

Where are the UK guys getting their filament (at decent prices) these days.

I've been reading lots of forum posts and blogs and getting my head in a spin.

I don't really want to spent a fortune (and wait ages) for US shipping, but will if that's the best option.


Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
July 04, 2010 05:44PM
Not found any in the UK. I get mine from [www.reprapsource.com] in Germany. Prices and shipping are reasonable and no customs changes smileys with beer

It is weird stuff though, very different from other ABS I have used. It produces good results, but not easily. I wouldn't recommend for a first attempt.

Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
July 05, 2010 01:04AM
Thanks Nophead,

Thought you'd reply. Based on your advice I might well stay away from that for the first attempt. I've not even finished sorting out my electronics, let alone started making an extruder.

It seems strange that non seems to be available in this country as it does seem to be used for plastic welding. I can't believe that everyone in this country is using the sticks and filament is only used in other countries.

I may well have to brazen it out and order from the US to start with. Do you have any knowledge of what the BotMill ABS is like? They seem to have the best stocks at the moment (assuming they have in stock what their site shows).


Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
July 05, 2010 04:49AM
You can buy plastic welding rod in the UK but it is more expensive and the shipping is also more than buying it from Germany. In fact, depending on the quantity and the exchange rate it can be cheaper to import it from the US or NZ!

Also the stuff I got was oval, about 3.5mm on the long axis, which means using an extruder with a 3.6mm bore. That is then too big for filament from the US which tends to be undersized at 2.8mm.

You can also buy filament from BfB, but it is very expensive.

Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
July 05, 2010 05:24AM
Have you considered PLA? I was under the impression it's easier to work with, especially as regards lower melting temperature and warping.

Ultimachine shipped mine very fast to Norway.

Blog with RepRap Comic

Cool Components have recently started listing selling ABS plastic filament for 3D printers. We've got lots of different colours, you can find them all here:

Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
May 08, 2012 05:01PM

I can supply 3mm ABS filament. I will have these colours available next week

White x 3
Green x 2
Purple x 2
Red x 4
Blue x 2
Black x 5

Price is £21.50 per reel
Will be delivered as a standard Royal Mail Parcel for £5.30 one reel, 2/3 reels are £8.80, 4 reels are £12.30

I will accept payment over paypal or on collection from London, collection price is £21.

My contact details are:

(Removed by request)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
May 09, 2012 02:55PM

I'd forgotten that I had posted his topic almost 2 years ago. What a resurrection! Having said that, I solved that problem last time by buying some ABS on eBay from A guy who switched to PLA and the proceded to not touch my Mendel for over a year,

It's printing now and I just bought some filament so it will be a while before I need more, but out of interest Roman. What is the weight of filament on a reel (and is it truly on a reel, or merely a bundle?).

Re: (UK) Filament supplier (ABS)
May 09, 2012 05:49PM
The weight is 1.1kg and yes its on a plastic reel, I've printed some adaptors and fitted the 608 bearings used in the making of my Prusa so the reel rotates as the printer pulls the filament. I have it mounted on the side of my printer.

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