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Landing page for Adapto Flex (Work in Progress)


Current iteration:



The Adapto Flex is a variant of the Adapto originally designed by RoRorIT/RoyTore.

The thought behind the Adapto Flex is to support a more flexible variety of tool heads(thus Adapto Flex).

Currently the paste extruder mount and support for Mutley's Flex3Drive system exist in working complete tool head options. In the pipeline for mountable tool heads will be a dual extruder configuration, single extruder configuration, pen holder, and cable driven dremel mount(more suggestions and contributions welcome).


Design Choices

There are design changes with the Adapto Flex, notably implementing the Vertical_X_Axis_Standard and moving the Z axis smooth rods to the sides of the Z frame instead of in front of the Z frame. This has allowed for shrinking the X ends making them stronger with less material use, and relocating the belt and drive motor position to run between the X smooth rods.

The X carriage is a flat plate style with four bolt holes. This allows for mounting a variety of tool heads increasing the printers versatility. It is suggested to use a SmoothieBoard with the printer and leveraging the ability to swap out config files quickly and easily per tool head setup instead of having to re-flash the controller firmware each time you swap tool heads.

This design still retains the ability to use either Alu extrusions (20x20mm), wood, alu, acryl plates or plates made out of any material(if it is stiff enough). Smooth rods can still be of any length, however the upper cross frame piece must be the same length as the front and rear lower frame pieces now(X axis). It is recommended to use 20x20mm aluminum T-slot extrusion for the frame and 10mm smooth rods.

Here is an album of progress over time. Note: there are a lot of testing and calibration prints in here early on while design changes and improvements were made. Please do not take these as indication of how the printer currently functions. A great deal of time has been invested on my part to get the machine to where it is now.

Wiki To Do

  • BOM
  • Assembly instructions/pics
  • Readability/make it pretty