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RepRap is an Open Mailing List Open Mailing List (and Administration is not Research or Development)

RepRap as a technology is designed and developed as a set of careful decisions by all of us, in an open developers mailing list (yay!).

It is also the result of "drive-by uploads" by dark-horse maverick-iconoclasts which completely blow away our existing road map. (If you have an idea for how to make RepRap better, please join our open developers mailing list since you're a developer.)

Often, your ideas are better than anything we could come up with.

Which is why we've developed, adopted, support, and indeed, often document a number of different softwares, electronics, firmwares, positioning systems, and even fabrication methods (extrusion, laser cutting, etc.) Call it "perverse polymorphism".

And none of this has anything to do with Administration. Administration is not design, it is not development. Development is done by developers, by you. In an open developers mailing list.

We would be honored if you join us.

The Administration Team, What We Do

RepRap's administrators are a shadowy cabal trusted group of folk who have racked up some seniority.

And therefore get saddled with responsibilities.

Spam Deletion

We host a wiki, a few blogs, a forum, and mailing lists. These attract unsolicited commercial posts by entrepreneurs. Upon inspection, some of these contributions turn out to be parasitic outgoing links and have surprisingly little to do with fabrication, or are closed source ("icky"). We delete them. (The outgoing links, not the entrepreneurs.)

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Frankly, when RepRap-Developers start ... exhibiting novel behavior or 
heatedly discuss personal matters, that's best sorted out compassionately,
respectfully, and privately.

(You don't want to know.  Trust me.)
--Sebastien Bailard 07:44, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

"Leadership" ... "Official"

Official is a loaded term for RepRap. Everyone's RepRap is an official RepRap.

Mind you, documentation is a different matter.  Generally, the well documented stuff is
probably more official than the less well documented stuff. Especially if someone's 
actually uploaded files.
--Sebastien Bailard 04:21, 15 October 2010 (UTC)

But RepRap doesn't really do "official".

If two entrepreneurs are selling two, mutually incompatible boards with two different design philosophies; cheap and barebones vs expen$ive and lots-of-bells-and whistles, then, should we bias our documentation system in favor of one entrepreneur rather than the other?

Is the cheap-boards guy more official than the expensive-boards guy? What if he's an admin? What if he's embroiled in a "he shipped me a box of rocks instead of boards" discussion. We probably still shouldn't bias the wiki one way or the other, or in some other manner practice favoritism.

So ... this is the sort of thing RepRap-Admin, RepRap's "officials" sort out, making sure our community is fair and compassionate.

No Simple Answers

There aren't simple answers to what RepRap's Admins do. Because we have to sort out some of the complicated stuff.

Administration - who we are

Team Member Role Location Description
Adrian Bowyer
Project founder Bath, UK This guy is the man. Founder and leader of the RepRap project. (AB: Ahem! One of the advantages of a wiki is that one can dive in an edit things created by one's colleagues when modesty demands; I am but a man...)
Vik Olliver
Software Dev is a longhair programmer/developer/artist with workshops in the Waitakere rainforest. He fights fires, programs PIC and PCs, raises kids and cats, welds, cuts, cooks and grows hydroponics for space research. He believes that specialisation is just for insects. He can be found at

is a software developer from New Zealand who also dabbles with electronics.
is a software developer and electronics designer in the North West of England by day. The rest of my life has been taken over by RepRap, details here
is a professional student/amateur artist/ex physics grad

student located in the wilds of Canada, interested in making a fused filament fabrication reprap for the inherent coolness, and with an eye to figurative and abstract sculpture. Mostly the coolness.

is a former professor and research scientist in building science who

presently consults in computational linguistics and artificial intelligence on the California central coast.

is sorting out lots of the Java host software and C firmware for RepRap.
is the founder of the aclaimed Project Gutenberg and is interested in RepRap for its potential as a disruptive technology.
is a computer programmer in North Carolina. His interests include electronics, writing, critical thinking, webcomics, chemistry, physics, photography, alternative energy, cooking and figuring out where all his spare time went...
Chris Meighan
is an artist and programmer originally from Scotland but now living in

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His website is here.

Philipp tiefenbacher 2009.JPG
Philipp Tiefenbacher
is juggling math studies, a part-time

programmer job and teaching electronics to art students. What he claims to be a healthy obsession for blinking things is only surpassed with the passion for the RepRap project. Together with Marius he forms the RepRap Team at Metalab.

Marius Kintel
is a Norwegian who moved to Austria to be closer to his better half.

He's writing 3D visualization software by day and hacking all things blinking and moving at the Metalab in Vienna by night. He forms the Metalab RepRap team together with Philipp.

Bruce Wattendorf
have created the first working RepRap out of wood!!! They have also helped build the Makerbot. Nick is currently the youngest kid to build a RepRap successfully. Bruce is currently building parts to make another machine. They have a google group which you can view here and also now we have a google site
Rhys Jones
is a research student at Bath University. He is working on printing with multiple different materials in RepRap for his PhD.
AUVSI AUV Competition 2008 - Rob Poolside.jpg
Rob Gilson
Wiki Admin Toronto, Canada Rob is a computer engineering undergrad at the University of Ottawa currently working in Toronto. With the help of Hacklab.To he has just finished building his first Reprap (a Mendel) and is an avid enthusiast of the interweb, lasers and any combination thereof.
Bogdan Kecman
Belgrade, RS is high availability systems consultant with background in both software and hardware spending all hard earned cash on building robots
Erik de Bruijn
Netherlands Erik Co-founded three IT companies. He studied information management at the University of Tilburg and he is fully immersed in the RepRap project for years now. Erik has given talks throughout Europe and in New York and Boston on RepRap and the democratization of fabrication technology and the effects on innovation and wealth. Full bio... See also Erik's RepRap blog.. He's co-founder and co-designer of the Ultimaker, an open source, large build platform derivative of the RepRap project. For more info, see Ultimaker...
Brisbane, Australia David/Buzz is a software developer/programmer,retro-hacker, electronics enthusiast and open-source advocate, who loves making stuff go. I collect power tools, skydive, scubadive, fly a gyrocopter, hack electronics and software, and whatever else takes my fancy. I agree with Vic: specialising is for everyone else.
Wade Bortz
Vancouver, Canada Wade is a maker/engineer, who has worked on inertial nav systems for shoes, hybrid locomotives, CTBTO nuke detection sites in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and of course, a growing stack of RepRaps.
Josef Průša
Czech Republic Josef is a DJ. He's a webmaster at Nábytek. He's printed 20 sets of Mendel parts, and he's busy making Mendel better.
Timothy Schmidt
Michigan, USA Tim is a co-maintainer of the RepSnapper reprap control software, Skeinosaur developer, and contributor to MCAD and Eiffel.
Underwood, Neil.jpg
Neil Underwood
North Carolina, USA Neil maintains the Google Agregate feed for RepRap, runs RepRapLogPhase blog which does regular reviews of RepRap related products, created a video series describing how to build Sells and Prusa Mendel, designed the Brutstruder, the printable version of the Makergear planetary gear extruder, the printable Horizontal Filament Spool, and has contributed to the design of the Prusa Mendel. Neil is very active member of the Loaner Program.
Viktor Dirks
Germany ... the man for special solutions ... Laser Cutter, Paste Dispenser.

Adding Admin Members

This is a list of RepRap's Administrators. Please contact Adrian Bowyer for information on getting involved on the core team. Core team member should be added using the following:

{{Core Team Member|name=|username=|image=|role=|location=