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The X5 mini V3 is a 32 bit ARM based Motion controller for 3D printers, CNC Machines and Laser cutters. The X5 mini runs on Smoothieware firmware and is based on Smoothieboard by the awesome Arthur Wolf. The X5 mini uses the powerful 32bit, 120Mhz NXP LPC1769 ARM chip capable of faster calculations for faster and smoother movements without breaking a sweat.

Configuration is easier using a text based config file loaded on the SD card, no need to upload firmware every time you make a change. Just edit the config file from your PC then reboot the board with the new config and you're done.

Compact and powerful all in one solution. V2 & V3 Board size: 3.9"(100mm) X 2.2"(56mm) - ( V1 and V1.1 board size 3.4"(94mm) X 2"(50mm))

Changes from V2 to V3 - Ethernet onboard - RJ45 - V3 now uses modular drivers - Compatible with pololu style drivers - Digipot current adjustment using Panucatt Drivers

Changes from v1.1 to V2

- V2 uses THB6128 drivers with up to 1/128 micro-stepping @ 2 Amps max - Larger single heatsink pre installed - Added/changed expansion pins - Added one more fan/switch mosfet - Breakout pins for LAN function - Solder Jumpers to slave drivers - Direct plug-in expansion for mini Viki and Viki 2.0 Graphic LCDs. - Slightly bigger board size

Recommended Stepper Drivers for V3 (with digipot current control) SD5984 - Based on allegro's new A5984 chips. Quieter and smoother than most drivers, 1/32 microstepping, 2 Amps 40V max. With Adaptive Percent Fast Decay feature. SD6128 - Based on Sanyo's THB6128 chips. Quiet and smooth like the SD5984, 1/128 microstepping, 2A 35V max. SD8825 - Based on Ti DRV8825. Robust and runs cool. 1/32 microstepping, 2.5A 40V max. Good choice for heftier motors Most 3rd party drivers will work with the X5 mini V3 but current limit adjustment for the driver needs to be done manually using the trimpot. Panucatt stepper drivers has extra pins to make use of the digipot feature.

Currently there are 4 versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0

Board/Pin Diagrams:

v1.0 [1]

v1.1 [2]

v2.0 [3]

v3.0 [4]

v3.0 install guide [5]

Quick serup guide [6]

Design Files (Diptrace design software) [7]

Firmware (Smoothie Edge) [8]

Sample config for v1.1 [9]

Sample config for v2.0 [10]

Available from

Panucatt: [11]

UltiBots: [12]

MatterHackers: [13]