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This is a preliminary list of McMaster part numbers, currently covering only the Ponoko repstrap design. There may be misbuys or cheaper options. This list may not be complete if you're using NEMA 17 motors and/or are using bolts instead of studding in the Y-Axis Assembly. This list will grow and change as the BoM is refined and amended.


 8 M3 12mm screw 92005A122 92005A122
29 M3 16mm screw 92005A126 92005A126
22 M3 20mm screw 92005A128 92005A128
109 M3 25mm screw 92005A130 92005A130
16 M3 25mm screw NEMA17 92005A130 92005A130
13 M3 30mm screw 92005A132 92005A132
20 M3 40mm screw 92005A135 92005A135
 3 M3 50mm screw 92005A137 92005A137
10 M5 25mm screw 92005A330 92005A330
13 M5 30mm screw 92005A332 92005A122
 4 M5 50mm screw 92005A342 92005A342
 3 M8 25mm screw 92005A530 92005A530  These are the bed screws, and seem to be too short -- I think 50mm would work better
19 M5 8mm grub screw 91390A119 91390A119
10 M5 grub screw 91390A119 --------? (assuming this is also 8mm)
 1 40mm long piece of M6 brass bolt with a 3mm hole drilled right down the middle 93270A455 (extruder heater barrel) 93270A455


197 M3 nut 90695A033 90695A033
50 M5 nut 90695A037 90695A037
 4 M5 nut NEMA23 90695A037 90695A037
91 M8 nut 90591A161 90591A161
 2 M8 nut ifstudding 90591A161 90591A161
 2 M6 dome nut 91982A250 91982A250
 2 M6 half- or press-nut 90695A038 90695A038
 2 M8 half-nut 90591A161 90591A161
 2 M5 Nyloc nut 90576A114 90576A114
 1 M5 nyloc nut 90576A114 90576A114 (same as above?)
 2 M8 nyloc nut 90576A117 90576A117


364 M3 washer 91166A210 91166A210
32 M3 washer NEMA17 91166A210 91166A210
 4 large M3 washer 91100A120 91100A120
32 M5 washer 91166A240 91166A240
 8 M5 washer NEMA23 91166A240 91166A240
 1 M6 32mm o/d washer ----------? (Hardware Store)
 2 M6 washer 91166A250 91166A250
79 M8 washer 91166A270 91166A270
 2 M8 wide aka fender washer 91100A160 91100A160

Steel Rod

16 8mm diameter 500mm long bright steel rod (6 6ft lengths) 5544T27 5544T27


 4 M8 400mm studding 	93000A573 (5 2m lengths) 93000A573
 1 M8 500mm studding 	93000A573 
 8 M8 600mm studding   93000A573 
 2 M8 650mm studding 	93000A573 
 2 M8 70mm studding ifstudding 93000A573 
 1 M8 80mm studding 	93000A573 
 1 M8 studding 110mm	93000A573

Ball Chain

 3 1200mm of 3.5mm ball chain (trade size 6) 3606T119 3606T119
 1 2200mm of 4.5mm ball chain (trade size 10) 3606T121 3606T121


 3 8mm i/d compression spring approximately 16mm long 9657K155 9657K155
 4 small, stout springs ------------?


 7 608Z skate bearing -------RRRF?
 2 packs of 4.5mm steel metric balls (aka BBs) 9292K38 9292K38
 1 625ZZNSK bearing --- 6153K69 6153K69


 1 PTFE tape 4591K11 4591K11
 3mm drill bit 2958A61 2958A61 (not strictly necessary)
 Furnace Cement 9372K22 9372K22
 1 35mm piece of 10mm diameter PTFE rod with a 3mm hole drilled down the centre 8546K42 (7/16ths inch diameter substituted) 8546K42

Other Hardware

 2 5mm i/d soft plastic tubing, approx 22mm long ----- Hardware store
 1 thick, solid, insulated copper wire --- Hardware store/Radioshack
 1 gear motor ----- RRRF
 2 hole terminal barrier strip ----- Radioshack
 1 Male 15 pin 2 row D-Sub connector
 1 Female 15 pin 2 row D-Sub connector