Burning the Sanguino Bootloader

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This Tutorialis incomplete and uses a USBTiny ISP. You can also burn the Sanguino Bootloader using an Arduino as the ISP. Charles Gantt has written an excellent tutorial and uploaded it to the wiki here Burning_the_Sanguino_Bootloader_using_Arduino_as_ISP.

On Windows

I've started this page to document how I went to try and burn the bootloader into the ATMEL 644p for the Sanguino motherboard. There isn't much info around to help how to do this, so it is here.

You need to burn the bootloader if one doesn't come already burned onto the ATMEL ATMEGA644P chip, so that it will work with the Arduino environment and is ready to accept new firmware over the serial port.

I'm using the USBTiny to program both the bootloader and any firmware.

First off, download the latest release of the Sanguino software.

Next extract all the files somewhere

Open the Boards.txt (using Notepad) file and copy its contents

Go to where you installed the Arduino environment, and open up the "Hardware" directory.

Open Boards.txt (Notepad is good)

Paste in the copied contest of the other boards.txt to the top of the file, save and close.

Copy from the extracted files the hardware directory and copy over its contents to the location of where you installed the Arduino, this is usually c:\Program Files\Aruino\hardware

And it should work

On Ubuntu

still with us?

here's how to do it from the shell, assuming you have the blue atmel usb programming dongle:

wget http://sanguino.googlecode.com/files/Sanguino-0018r1_1_4.zip
unzip Sanguino*zip
sudo avrdude -patmega644P -cavrispmkII -Pusb -U flash:w:Sanguino/bootloaders/atmega644p/ATmegaBOOT_644P.hex

if you are using usbtiny, instead do:

sudo apt-get install libusb
sudo avrdude -patmega644P -cusbtiny -U flash:w:Sanguino/bootloaders/atmega644p/ATmegaBOOT_644P.hex