CNC winding

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CNC winding

Release status: experimental


building a printable cnc controlled winding machine for rovings
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This is a project which will create a CNC controlled filament winding machine. The machine can also be used as a coil winder, but the focus is on filament winding. The machine is build by 3D printable parts and cnc parts... Later on, a software toolchain will be created... I call that project YA*wM which stands for YetAnother(Roving)windingMachine.


  • turn-based winding machine, the core rotates
  • 2 degrees of freedom (C and Z direction), that means, the core rotates (C-axis) and the shuttle can be shifted (Z-axis)
  • the core can be up to 1m long and 0.2m in diameter
  • will use a Nema23 for C axis and nema17 for z axis
  • the controller will be based on a modified Gen7 electronics, and will use a modified firmware
  • the software will be some python scripts generating gcode which can be send to the controller board