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This is my 2nd version of the idea of the case-rap.

You'll find more details on this thingiverse link:

Main goals of this project (all acheived!)

  1. Build a portable/foldable full size reprap.

18 x 17 1/2 x 5 inches

24 lbs

200 x 200 x 175 mm

This is the half of the volume of original case-rap!

  2. As cheap as possible: 300$ (cad)
  3. Easy/Fast to build: 

I use as less printed parts as possible (combining multiple parts)

The building requires less squareness verification/adjustments as the main body uses as reference.

It took me around 15h building the prototype. I think that next one will take less than 10.

  4. Solid: It doesn't fit in a suitcase, it is one.
  5. Protected: in transport position, no wires can be torn off. Nothing but fragile.
  6. Easiness to find all parts:

The main body is made of plywood, no need specific aluminum extrusions.

Any standard nema 17, ramps 1.4, straps and pulley sets will do the thing.

  7. Easy to use:

I used ramps 1.4, with lcd/sd: Very popular and hackable electronics: So it is usable from a computer or alone from lcd/sd

I installed a inductive proximity sensor: so even if the box is not set the exact 1/100 mm same way every times, this is going to print as good anyways.

I programmed a new option in the prepare menu to set the printer to be ready to be folded.

I worked really hard, and had needed some help (mkeveney), to design super fast hinges to swap from a position to the other. I believe the result is just awesome. Way better than I tough I was going to be able!

  General use video:

  Look at this fast swaping/folding video:

All files are free given to the 3d printing community on thingiverse.

This is unfinished yet building instructions:

Sources, as originally published by the author: File:Case-rap File:Case-rap v4 stl and skp File:Case-rap 4.0 x-axis group with 8mm

Assembly instructions in french, as originally published by the author: