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The Idea - Getting Mendel RP Parts sets to people who need them

We'd like to make it easier/quicker to get started with a RepRap Mendel.

One of the major hurdles at present for many people is getting a set of the reprappable printed parts for Mendel, since there are relatively few working Mendels as yet.

So, we're setting up a system where people can donate Mendel parts to a commons which local RepRap User Groups (RUGS) administrate. This is being done with the understanding that these initial seed parts will be used to bootstrap members of a RUG who wish to build a Mendel; once the machine using these parts is working and calibrated, it should be used to create a set of Mendel parts for the next RUG member, and so on.

We're priming the pump by donating a set of parts to London RUG. Hopefully London RUG and anyone else interested will send a few parts or even a set to the next RUG. Donation to other RUGs is purely voluntary. Which brings us to the next bit.

Where they come from

Adrian Bowyer and the Bath RepRap team will make RP parts sets made in the Bath University RepRap Lab available to RUGs at cost, currently GBP40 (around US$60 at current exchange rates), which is far below their (apparent) market value. If you want to start a node in the Loaner Parts System, and the existing community is dragging its feet getting a loaner set to you, you can buy a set from Adrian. Note that the Bath Mendels are used for other things too, so the rate at which they can make sets is limited.

How the system works

If you are an active member of a RUG (RepRap User Group) and wish to take advantage of this approach, please contact Jmarsden or Sebastien Bailard, who will try to check that you really are part of the RUG concerned, and maintain a FIFO queue of RUGs seeking parts sets on Adrian's behalf (on this page). As sets of parts become available, the top RUG member in the queue will be asked to contact Adrian and arrange payment, shipping details, etc.

Once you have received your "at cost" parts set, the general expectation is that within two months (preferably within one month), you will have printed a set of Mendel parts and arranged to pass them on at cost to another member of your RUG, and will let Jmarsden or Sebastien Bailard know that this has been done.

Interleaved with this, the Bath RepRap Lab will also be putting up sets on Ebay, again at GBP40, on a buy-it-now basis so that people not in an RUG have a chance to obtain a low cost set too. These sets will go up unannounced in advance.

Rules: What you do with your set

There are not a lot of rules, because we already have enough complexity to deal with.

You build a Mendel, and make a new set. This set is the loaner set.

When someone has their electronics ready, some plastic filament, and has all their other Vitamins (steel rods, fasteners, etc.) ready, you loan them the loaner set. Then you help them build it, or they go and build it, and so on, and they make a machine, and make a new set.

Then they bring that new set back to you, or maybe they are now "Official Keeper of the Loaner Set" for your RUG (however you like to work it). This is the new loaner set.


What if someone doesn't bring back a loaner set?

Make a new set and charge the next borrower GBP40 to cover the cost of the plastic. Or get someone else in the RUG to do so.

What if I'm worried that someone won't bring back a loaner set?

You figure it out. You could request a large deposit, ~GBP400 or so. Then give it back when you get the loaner set back.

Or do something else. Or have someone else be in charge of the loaner set.

Do I have to make two loaner sets and ship one to another RUG?

No. Please do if you would like to, it will help a lot. But it is not required.

Who makes all the other rules about what I do with my loaner set?

You do.

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