Choosing a Power Supply for your RepRap

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The power supply (PSU or Power Supply Unit) is a most essential component of any RepRap, yet the information over which power supply to choose/buy is very much scattered around the web, in YouTube videos, and in various forums, blogs and wikis. Also there is little information concerning safety issues and these should be the absolute priority when dealing with PSUs.

The purpose of this page is to help the RepRap builder choose a proper PSU for her/his project, and deal with any safety issues that may arise related to the PSU.

Switch-mode power supplies Nowadays (2014) practically all power supplies within the power range required by RepRap printers are switch-mode power supplies (as opposed to linear power supplies, which are considered outdated). Switch-mode power supplies have relatively complex circuits that convert mains AC electricity to the DC voltages required by RepRap steppers and electronic circuits. The design and manufacturing of switch-mode power supplies is way beyond the reach of any hobbyist, leaving a single alternative for RepRap builders: to buy a commercial switch-mode PSU.

LED strip or ATX PSUs Economies of scale play an important part in determining the price of a switch-mode power supply.