Coloring filament

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Coloring Filament

The general idea of this project is that you can color the (natural or white) filament in every color you want. Without having to buy different filaments. (One filament fits all)

Coloring filament before the extruder

The most simple way to do this is by coloring the filament, which is put into your extruder. The most easy way to do this is by coloring the filament using a permanent marker.


After Nicholas C. Lewis launched the inkshield project, for controling a cartridge by an Arduino. The opportunities to make a multi color filament colorizer were amazing.


Objects printed using Lemio´s filament colorizer
Lemio´s filament colorizer
Lemio´s filament colorizer

Great results can also be achieved by using a permanent marker

List of working markers (tested on 1.75mm PLA, used to print objects):

  • Staples permanent marker (blue, red)
  • Pentel pen permanent marker (green)

List of colorizers on thingiverse:

Coloring filament after extruding

This is a more difficult way to color the object.