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The following table is for the 50 pin expansion header found on the Duet board and used to interface with a Duex4 board. The table columns are

  • Pin -- the expansion header pin number,
  • Duet Label -- the label for the pin shown on the underside of the Duet board,
  • Due Pin -- the Arduino Due pin name; in some cases the pin does not have an Arduino Due name and an extended "X" name is shown instead for use with the SamNonDue library, and
  • RepRapFirmware Usage -- the usage put to the pin by the dc42 branch of the RepRapFirmware

The dir[], enable[], and step[] values in the usage descriptions refer to the stepper driver direction, enable, and step pin assignment arrays. Similarly, the heat[] and therm[] values correspond to the heater power and thermistor sensor pin assignment and ADC channel arrays.

Note that heat[6] position in the firmware is presently unassigned and instead used by Fan1. The pin is intended to be pin X17.

Duet Due Duet Due
Pin Label Pin RepRapFirmware Usage Pin Label Pin RepRapFirmware Usage
2 GND 1 +5V
4 RST 3 +3.3V
6 TWCK0 D71 Digipot 5 TWD0 D70 Digipot
8 UTXD D1 Serial1 TX / PanelDue 7 URXD D0 Serial1 RX / PanelDue
10 PA14 D23 FAN RPM 9 PD9 D30/X9 endstop[8] / E1_STOP
12 RXD1 D17 MAX31855-1 CS (proposed) 11 TXD1 D16 MAX31855-0 CS (proposed)
14 RXD0 D19 MAX31855-3 CS (proposed) 13 TXD0 D18 MAX31855-2 CS (proposed)
16 PC30 D72/X11 dir[8] / E1_DIR 15 PC29 X10 step[8] / E1_STEP
18 PC4 X17 FAN1 / E1_PWM 17 PC28 X13 enable[8] / E1_EN
20 PB14 D53 dir[5] / E2_DIR 19 PC7 D39 step[5] / E2_STEP
22 PC22 D8 heat[4] / E3_PWM 21 PC23 D7 heat[3] / E2_PWM
24 PC20 X8 enable[5] / E2_EN 23 PC21 D9 heat[5] / E4_PWM
26 NPCS1 D4 dir[2] 25 PB24 X16
28 SPCK 27 NPCS0 D77
32 PB16 D67 31 PB23 X15
34 AD0 D61/A7 therm[3] / E2_THERM 33 AD13 D65/A11 therm[6] / E1_THERM
36 TWCK1 D21 35 TWD1 D20
38 AD11 D63/A9 therm[5] / E4_THERM 37 AD10 D62/A8 therm[4] / E3_THERM
40 PB22 X14 39 VSSA
42 PC11 X4 step[6] / E3_STEP 41 AD14 D52 Z_PROBE_MOD_PIN
44 PC13 D50 enable[6] / E3_EN 43 PC12 D51 dir[6] / E3_DIR
46 PC15 D48 dir[7] / E4_DIR 45 PC14 D49 step[7] / E4_STEP
48 PC17 D46 endstop[5] / E2_STOP 47 PC16 D47 enable[7] / E4_EN
50 PC19 D44 endstop[7] / E4_STOP 49 PC18 D45 endstop[6] / E3_STOP

Note that Duex4 board makes the following associations

  • E2 -- dir,enable,step[5] heat[3] therm[3]
  • E3 -- dir,enable,step[6] heat[4] therm[4]
  • E4 -- dir,enable,step[7] heat[5] therm[5]
  • E1 -- dir,enable,step[8] heat[6] therm[6] BUT heat[6] is presently not assigned in the dc42 branch of the RepRapFirmware. The pin X17 is instead used for Fan1.