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Release status: working

Based on prusa i3.
CAD Models
External Link

Assembly instructions

  1. Assembling hotend carriage 01-A-9
  2. Mounting motor to hotend carriage 02-B-6-1
  3. Left Z-carriage 03-B-7
  4. Right z-carriage with motor 04-B-5
  5. Bottom board with Y-carriage 05-B-4
  6. Bottom crose frame 06-B-6-3
  7. Bottom frame and side frame 07-B-6-2
  8. Mount a wheel to front of bottom frame 08-B-2
  9. Mount the motor to bottom frame 09-B-3
  10. Horizontal frame(X Axis) 10
  11. Axle sleeve of z-axis 11-B-4-1
  12. Top frame ,lead screw of z-axis, z-motor 12-B-4-2
  13. Extruder motor and clip 13-B-7-1
  14. Mount (hotend , bottom board, x-belt, y-belt) to frame 14
  15. Control panel 15-A-6
  16. Main board heating bed , limited switch 16-A-10


Circuit diagram

  • EI3 single extruder


  • EI3 dual extruder

EI3 双喷头接线图.jpg

  • EI3 triple extruder

Triple 01.jpg

Product Specifications

Parameters Description
Structure Aluminum profiles(black)
Frame Metal
Print Size(X Y Z) 200×200×200mm/200*280*200mm
Layer Resolution 100 Microns
Print Precision 0.1-0.4mm
Print Head Single/Dual/Triple
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.012mm
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.004mm
LCD Screen YES
Nozzle Temperature 210℃(MAX 260℃)
Power Supply DC 12v/250W
Connection SD Card or USB
OS Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,MAC OX
Software Repetier-Host,Cura,Slic3r
Material Type PLA,ABS,HIPS,Wood,PVA,Nylon,Flexiable PLA,Copper fill (metal)
Material Specifications 1.75mm
Exreuder Full Metal The Newest Design
Nozzle Size 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5mm
Machine Size 430×440×400mm

Full Kits Packing List

A Floor Units
2040 Aiuminum Extrusion 420mm (2040型材 420mm) 2
2040 Aiuminum Extrusion 400mm (2040型材 400mm) 1
2020 Aiuminum Extrusion 400mm (2020型材 400mm) 1
2020 Aiuminum Extrusion 380mm (2020型材 380mm) 1
Threaded Rods 380m (丝杆 380mm) 1
Aluminum Wires Holder (型材藏线管) 3
2040 Aluminum Extrusion 150mm (2040型材 150mm) 2
Acrylic For LCD Display (亚克力 -显示屏) 2
2004 LCD Display 1
screw Kits A-6 (螺丝包 -A6) 1
Acrylic For L Alunimun Connector (压克力 - L型) 2
screw Kits A-7 (螺丝包 -A7) 1
Acrylic For End Stop (亚克力 -限位开关) 2
screw Kits A-8 (螺丝包 -A8) 1
X Carriage -Holde (亚克力 -X轴马车) 1
screw Kits A-9 1
B Floor Units
Step Motors (电机) 4
Acrylic For Y Axis Front (亚克力 -Y轴前) 2
Kits - B2 (螺丝包 -B2) 1
Acrylic For Y Axis Black (亚克力 -Y轴后) 2
Kits - B3 (螺丝包 -B3) 1
Acylic For Heat bed Holder (亚克力 -热床底座) 1
Kits - B4 (螺丝包 -B4) 1
Acrylic For copper Holder (亚克力 -铜螺母) 1
Kits - B4 -1 (螺丝包 -B4-1) 1
Acrylic For Z Aixs Step Motor (亚克力 -Z轴电机座) 3
Kits - B4 -2 (螺丝包 -B4-2) 2
Belt (皮带) 2
Wires Protection (绕线管) 1
Kits - B5 (螺丝包 -B5) 1
E3d & Cool Fan (E3D) 1
Gift Kits (礼物套件) 1
L aluminum Connector (L型材连接器) 1
Tools (小工具) 1
Acylic For Z Axis Left Holder (亚克力 -Z轴左) 1
Kits - B7 (螺丝包 -B7) 1
Feeder (送丝机 -B7 -1) 1
Power Supply (电源) 1
C Floor Units
End Stop (限位开关) 3
Step Motors Wires (电机线) 4
Wires of power supply (电源线) 1
Plug (插头) 1
USB Cable (USB线) 1
USB Cable (USB线)) 1
Heat Bed (Mk3热床) 1
PTFE Tube (四氟管) 1
Filaments (耗材) 2

Where to Buy

Help and Support

  • More technical support: [1]
  • This printer have no any printed part, but if you want to print some parts by yourself,
  • please download the stl file from here:[2] [3][4][5][6]



Unboxing Video - HE3D EI3 3D Printer: 1 - EI3 3D Printer <videoflash>Nu__clyW1vs<ideoflash>