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Release status: experimental

CAD Models
External Link

This is a redesigned Huxley inspired by the Prusa simplified Mendel. The information on this wiki page is not yet complete, so do not attempt to build this machine. I will keep updating this page over the next few days until there is enough information on here for a complete build of the eMAKER Huxley design.

Brief specification

  • 140x140x110mm build vollume
  • Heated build surface
  • Bowden fed extruder for 1.75mm filament


Bill of Materials

Printed Parts

Quantity Description Type Comments Diagram
2 coupling RP Ehux coupling.png
1 x-idler-bracket RP Ehux-x-idler-bracket.png
1 x-motor-bracket RP Ehux-x-motor-bracket.png
1 x-carriage RP Ehux-x-carriage.jpg
1 nozzle-mount RP Ehux-nozzle-mount.jpg
1 idler-cover RP Ehux-idler-cover.jpg
1 y-motor-bracket RP Ehux-y-motor-bracket.jpg
1 y-idler-bracket RP Ehux-y-idler-bracket.jpg
2 frame-vertex RP Ehux-frame-vertex.jpg
4 frame-vertex-foot RP Ehux-frame-vertex-foot.jpg
2 z-motor-mount RP Ehux-z-motor-mount.jpg
8 bar-clamp RP Ehux-bar-clamp.jpg
2 belt-clamp RP Ehux-belt-clamp.png
1 z-endstop-holder RP Ehux-z-endstop-holder.jpg
1 spring-anchor-single RP Ehux-spring-anchor-single.jpg
1 spring-anchor-double RP Ehux-spring-anchor-double.jpg
4 bearing-holder RP Ehux-bearing-holder.jpg
1 M6-extruder-block RP Ehux-M6-extruder-block.png
1 idler RP Ehux-idler.png
1 small-gear RP Ehux-small-gear.png
1 large-gear RP Ehux-large-gear.png

Non-Printed Parts ("vitamins")

4x Nema 14 bipolar stepper motor, 14Ncm
50x Small cable binder/ziptie       Misc.
6x 6mm Linear bearings
4x 6mm Igus clip bearings
1x 140x140x5mm milled Aluminium build surface
2x T2.5 16 tooth Aluminium timing pulleys
2x T2.5 timing belts
1x Sanguinololu v1.3a + endstops.

(The eMAKER Huxley uses the 4 drivers in the standard Mendel electronics package to drive 5 motors by using "two steppers wired in parallel to one driver"[1]).

More hardware (aka the list I wish I'd had):

Rods (frame and axes)

6mm smooth rods: 
2x 235mm, 
2x 265mm, 
2x 270mm
6mm threaded rods:
3x 285mm,
6x 250mm,
4x 190mm
 5mm threaded rods: 
2x 165mm

Fasteners (frame and axes)

80 M6 nuts
80 M6 washers
2 M5 nuts

Fasteners and connectors (other assemblies)

40 M3 nuts
60 M3 washers
5 M3x8 bolts
10 M3x10 bolts
10 M3x12 bolts
30 M3x16 bolts
10 M3x20 bolts
10 M3x25 bolts
10 M3x30 bolts

Bearings and other hardware:

2 626zz bearings
5 623zz bearings
 3 endstop switches
6 screws for endstop switches
1 M3x5 set screw
1 M3x8 set screw
2 M3x10 set screws
1 M3 nylock nut
1 hobbed bolt (made of brass)
1 m heater wire
different cable end sleeves (for crimping heater wire to the normal wire)
8cm of 5/8mm tube
2 short springs (z-axis)
3 long springs (for the printbed - maybe you must shorten them)

(This list copied from a listing on eMAKERshop from 3D Andy, one of a few listings of sets of Huxley parts for sale.)

Printing the Parts

The assembled eMAKER Huxley prototype

Buy the printed parts

Often available at eMAKERshop

Test Videos

XY axes test
First print
Printing a frame vertex